Back a couple of months ago I took a trip to Athens, Greece. A brand new city and country for Seeing The World In Steps! It might just be a short trip but I still managed to cover quite a bit of ground and would like to share some of the spots that I visited. Greece is a rather seasonal destination and despite visiting it in mid-September, the weather was still a little too warm for me and crowded. Summer is the best but that also means the harshest weather and awful crowd that you would like to avoid. It is clear to say that your experience won’t be the same. I only have a limited time in Greece and had about 2 full days in Athens. Time to soak in the Greek vibes and hospitality. I would also love to stuff myself full of those delicious Greek food.


Athens Airport is rather far out from the city centre and sadly to say the public transport links are weak. Do cater some additional time when travelling to and from the airport. It is about 35 km out from the city centre and by car, you can expect a travelling time of about 30 mins without traffic. Traffic can be really bad in Athens, especially during peak hours. A cab would cost around 42 Euros. The metro connects directly to the airport which is a lot more affordable. Although, do take note that they do not run frequently and there is only a train every 30 mins or so. I had to wait for quite a bit given my landing time. I got the return metro ticket with 3 days metro pass included for 20 euros per person. That works nicely for my trip duration. The trains can get very crowded given the low frequency. Do plan your journey with Google Maps, the timings are very accurate. Trains for the airport are equipped with facilities for luggage.

I also took the metro during my time in Athens. It can get really crowded at times, especially around the major stations. The trains also differ between the more modern and the older ones. Great way to get around various points in the city. Do take note that many of the stations and platforms are by stairs only.


I simply took a walk around the city and check out most of the places in town. Here are some of the pictures of my short stay in the city. Acropolis and Parthenon!

Hadrian’s Library and the area around Monastiraki! One of my favourite areas in the whole of Athens. This is the spot to be especially in the evenings and on the weekends. You can see everyone out.

Roman Forum

Syntagma Square and Hellenic Parliament! If you come at the right time, you can also check out the change of guard right in front of the parliament.

Hadrian’s Arch

Panathenaic Stadium! Which is the first Olympic stadium in the world!

Here are some of the random shots that I took around the city. I love Athens!

Eating in Athens

Veneti Bakery is where I got breakfast every morning. I didn’t have breakfast included in my rate and Veneti is just right next to me. They had their history since 1948 and you can find them throughout the city. They offer all sorts of freshly baked goods and desserts. Their pastries are very affordable and delicious. We also got some to go with our Freddo cappuccino and fresh juices. Great way to start your day with a light breakfast.

Klimataria Tavern! This is one of the places that you have to visit. I had lunch here one day and it is an absolute experience. The vibes are amazing. The Klimataria Tavern is one of the oldest restaurants in town with its roots from 1927. The old-school restaurant is very intimate and the yellow look of the place is very greek. It is as if time stood still inside there. In the evening on the weekends, they also have live Greek music. The food is very good and they even have those large traditional ovens packed full of lamb legs and knuckles.

We ordered several dishes and everything was so good. I love Greek fries anyway. They were perfect to mop up the juices! They were lightly seasoned and so delicious. My favourite dishes were the prawns and the fish! Awesome. Prices are very affordable too.

They even got us some desserts on the house to end of the meal.

Atlantikos is hands down my favourite place to dine in Athens and I had the best seafood here. Everything looks so delicious and fresh. Prices are very affordable here too. It is family run and very local. This place gets crowded so do come early or be prepared to wait. You have to get the grilled king prawns.

I love Greek food and I am craving it so much about it now! The cooking here is very simple and the main factor is how light and fresh the ingredients are. I love the usage of spices, herbs and olive oil. Of course, you can leave Greece without having tons of gyros and kebabs. I had a couple of random ones from various stalls and they are all delicious. A pita wrap is perfect for a late-night snack. Stuff them full of fresh vegetables and Tzatziki sauce. I am drooling right now. The best kebabs and gyros I had were at Meat The Greek. I can’t have enough of it. It is a little more pricey than the street stalls but so delicious. I love their pita and souvlaki. You will never regret coming here.

And then it is time for desserts! The perfect ending to every meal! Heh, or just any time of the day, especially when you are resting your legs and escaping from the Greek heat. LUKUMAΔΕΣ is your answer! The OG outlet of Lukumades is right in the heart of the city. This is the most popular and well-known Greek dessert. They are like Greek doughnuts but firmer in texture and usually drenched in syrup. They are gluey and sweet. You have to check out LUKUMAΔΕΣ! They have all sorts of creations. I went for one with the Pistachio Gelato. So good. It is a little on the sweet side making it perfect with a double espresso.

Another thing that you have to do in Athens is to hit up a rooftop bar with a view of the Acropolis. They might be a little pricey but this is one experience you can miss out on. It will be perfect to come by right before sunset. You can then catch the hues and the view while it is still bright. Grab a local wine and gaze on as the sun sets and the city lights up. A marvellous experience. I check out both Couleur Locale and 360 Cocktail Bar, both places I will recommend.


I love Greece. I hope to be back one day to visit more Greek Islands and at the same time pass by Athens for a couple of days again. The food is amazing and divine. It is one of the more affordable places to visit and spend in Europe. It is a cultural hotspot with the city offering plenty of cultural spots and history. Everyone looks so good in Greece too. I would definitely love to be back one day in Athens when checking out other islands and places in Greece, preferably in cooler weather and lesser crowd. Greek sunsets hit things differently! Hope you enjoy my short getaway to Greece! Next up, I will be sharing about my amazing Japan trip very soon!