I am so excited to share this with you! Seeing The World In Steps finally visited its first Greek Island in 2022! While it is not one of the more glamorous ones like Santorini or Mykonos, it is still undoubtedly exciting after all that I have heard about the Greek Islands. Visiting a Greek Island can be rather stressful, especially since it is quite a seasonal thing, be it the island itself or the ferry schedules. Summer is obviously the best but that also means the harshest weather and awful crowd that you would like to avoid. It is clear to say that your experience won’t be the same. I only have a limited time in Greece and was based in Athens. I have to choose something close by and after looking around, I decided on Aegina. Aegina is only an hour away from Athens and with plenty of ferry connections. I have also heard how pretty it is and great for a day trip. Aegina is also known as the “Pistachio Island” which caught my interest!

Getting to Aegina – Saronic Ferry

There are plenty of ferry connections connecting both Aegina and Athens year-round which is another reason why it is so easy to visit Aegina. Some of the Greek Islands are purely seasonal and you can’t even visit them during off-peak periods. There are two main types of ferries, high-speed ferries and regular ones. The high-speed lines take you to Aegina in around 40 mins and it is much more expensive too. They only carry passengers. The regular ones are bigger and take around an hour to get to Aegina. These carry both passengers and cars. I will recommend the regular ferries. There is something nice about sitting on the open top deck, enjoying the sea breeze and catching the sights while en route.

In fact, something marvellous happen during my journey there as we were greeted by seagulls. This got to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Similarly, on the way back, I had an amazing sight of the sunset while heading back to Athens. Trust me when I say that, the journey there is as amazing as the place itself.

I got my tickets directly from Saronic Ferries. It cost 12 Euros per way for adults. You can check the timings and buy the tickets directly online. After doing the online check-in and you can just board the ferry with the mobile ticket. It is very easy.

The port of Athens is called Piraeus which is around 30 mins from the city centre. It is connected by the metro and once you arrive you can just make your way to the various gate that your ferry is departing from. For departures to Aegina, ferries depart from Gate E8 which is just a short walk away and less than 10 mins from the metro station. We arrive at around 9.15am for our ferry at 9.45am. The ferry is already there and we can already board it. Do come early to get good seats.

Here are some pictures of the ferries. The ferry takes both passengers and cars. There are various seating areas on the ferry. There is also a cafe where you can get some food and drinks. It does get pretty crowded later on. Do arrive early to get good seats. Especially if you want those on the open deck with a view. I could not find seats on my return ride in the evening.

The open upper deck is my favourite part to seat on. I will brave the sun and the wind. If you could sit on the left for the best view when heading to Aegina and on the right when coming back. This is one of the main reasons why I choose to take the normal ferries than the fast jets. It is a super amazing experience.


Aegina Island is a Saronic island located just 40 minutes and only 15 nautical miles away from Athens. This makes it super easy for a getaway or day trip from Piraeus, the port in Athens. I have heard much of this city and also how it is known as the Pistachio city given that it produces some of the best pistachios in the world. I did not do much on the island but simply just stroll and wander around the town and soak in the island vibes. Here are some pictures of my stay in the city.

Check out the row of Pistachio stands where growers and producers sell their produce and all sorts of Pistachio products. They are excellent. Do walk around and check out the prices. I especially love their pistachio cream. They are divine.

Eating in Aegina

What else besides Pistachio? Pistachio, Pistachio Cream, Pistachio Ice Cream!!! Have everything pistachio! Pistachio ice cream and some Freddo cappuccino are the perfect matches.

There are tons of restaurants and eateries stretched along the town. They are especially crowded. We simply stop around one of them for a quick lunch. The food is alright and the prices were normal. We went by Nisos Cafe Bar. I won’t say that they have the best food in town but they are alright.

We later went to Maistrali Restaurant, a little joint by the water. It is absolutely lovely. I love the vibes. We sat by the waters, so close that sometimes the waves splash a little on us. It is family run and the prices are fair. We had a rest here for a little snack and to rest our legs.

We got some freshly fried squid and I had it with a pitcher of white wine. It is nothing fancy but the local wine was so delicious. I enjoyed it so much. Sitting by the waters and having those fresh seafood with the sounds of the waves crashing accompanying me. I wish time would stand still at this moment.


Aegina is a perfect place for a day trip from Athens. The relatively short distance from Athens meant that you can do a day trip and yet not feel rushed. I did not do much on Aegina besides exploring the areas that I could cover on foot and soak in the island vibes. I also very much enjoyed the ferry ride there. It is a very relaxing day and something I will totally do again. Sea Breeze, Blue Skies and local white wine. I can do this every day. Looking forward to my next Greek island.