Welcome to another brand new trip series from Seeing The World In Steps! I am way behind schedule but hopefully, things are picking up soon. This is going to be an exciting one and let me introduce to you the Golden Falcon Way! This is a unique one and sort of came out of the blue. I love error fares! There is always something exciting about flying on these where first and foremost, you won’t know if you will ever make it on board or not, you also might get to places that you never thought you will travel to. That brought me to Bahrain! Woohoo! My 32nd unique country and the 120th city that I visited! It will also get me on Gulf Air Business Class, a new premium cabin experience for me where I will get to try out the Apex Suites. They name their business class Falcon Gold Class, how cool is this!


This is one of the main reasons why this trip came about. Back a couple of months ago, I chanced upon an error fare or not, Gulf Air was pricing around 400 SGD for a ticket from Bangkok to Bahrain and Singapore. You could even fly from Bangkok to Singapore to Bahrain and back to Singapore! That is a solid deal given how you are flying for almost 14 hours and Gulf Air has a decent business class. They called it Falcon Gold Class! How cool is this! This would be a good opportunity for me to try out something new. I immediately booked it and spend the next few days seeing if the fare will be honoured. The fare ended up being so and was available for purchase for a couple more weeks. I ended up flying

Gulf Air GF153 787-9 BKK – BAH Falcon Gold Business Class

Gulf Air GF165 787-9 BAH – SIN Falcon Gold Business Class

This also means that I had to get to Singapore from Bangkok. I have always had plans to travel to Bangkok and will be spending a week or so there. For that, I flew Singapore Airlines Business Class and the Spontaneous Escape sale came in just in time. I paid 15,050 Miles and 54.40 SGD in taxes for the flight. I have already reviewed the product recently and won’t be doing so this time around.


This is going to form the main bulk of this trip series. I will be covering quite a several hotels during my time in Bangkok and Bahrain. You can expect to check out quite some hotels review in Bangkok including one that I am really wowed by. I stayed in 4 different hotels in Bangkok and will be reviewing all of them.

During my time in Bahrain, I was mainly staying at both the Le Meridien and the Westin. Both of them belong to the Marriott group and are just next to each other. They even share some common facilities. I am excited to see they can do the differentiation given how similar the brands are where they are mostly targeting the same target segment. Look forward to my reviews on both of them!


This time around I will be taking the opportunity to check out the newly minted Krisflyer Gold Lounge which open right on the day that I flew out of Singapore. This will be the dedicated lounge for Krisflyer and Star Alliance Gold members flying out of Singapore in Economy Class.

I didn’t manage to visit any lounge in Bangkok due to time constraints. But I will be sharing an extensive review of the Falcon Gold Lounge at Bahrain International Airport. The flagship lounge of Gulf Air. I had a long stay there and oh boy, it certainly didn’t disappoint.


It’s been almost 6 years since I am back in Bangkok. I can’t believe so given how popular this place is as a weekend getaway. It is sure nice to be back here given how much I love the food in Bangkok. It is a goodie galore. Despite it being my n time back in this city, I did not do much sightseeing but rather visited local eateries over and over again. There is so much to eat over here. Look out for my post sharing the places I ate over in Bangkok. This is one city that I hope that I have a couple of stomachs.


Manama & Bahrain – My 120th City!!!

This is the unique part for me. Bahrain was never on my bucket list or any list up my alley. I wasn’t expecting to visit this city anytime soon or until I visited all the places I want to. When people always say that Dubai won’t be how it is without Emirates, the same goes for Bahrain. I will probably not head to Bahrain without this Gulf Air ticket. Let’s just say that Bahrain was much better than expected and I had a really pleasant time here. The people, the culture, I was surprised.

Gulf Air does have some of the best pricing for flights between Europe and Asia. It might be a good opportunity to take advantage of it and stop over for a day or so to check out this city. I am so proud of Manama as well as Bahrain for being my 121st city and the 32nd country that I visited.

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Hope you guys are looking forward to following me on my adventures once again. Can I get another error sale again? Somewhere along the lines of Emirates, Qatar and Air France would be great!