Back on the road, we are right about in the middle of our road trip and are making our way in the direction of Barcelona. It is kind of sad that at this point my amazing Europe trip only had 7 nights left! I am excited to be visiting a couple more small towns and cities on the Costa del Sol. Once again, there are probably tons of towns and cities that you can visit on the Costa del Sol, some of the popular ones include Nerja and Frigiliana. You can also head up to Almeria, Cape Palos and even Granada which is just a short detour away. Follow me in checking out these two cute towns!


Nerja is located about 45 mins away from Malaga and an easy drive down the A7. If you prefer a more scenic road, you can take the N-340 instead but you will be much slower. Nerja is a cute little seaside town and popular for its beaches. The main part of the city surrounds Balcon de Europa which is a historical picturesque overlook offering panoramic views of the surrounding sea and beaches.

It feels a little quiet given the timing and the season. It is a little too cold for the beaches and the sun wasn’t out yet. It is still pretty too. This place would be amazing in the summer and I can see myself chilling here for a couple of days by the beach and this small little cosy town. Every corner is perfect. For those who are driving, parking is readily available in the city centre near Plaza de Espana. It cost 2 Euros an hour.


That’s a handful to pronounce! But this is hands down the favourite place that I visited on this road trip down Costa del Sol. The place is so pretty and idyllic. If you would like to visit one of those white hilltop Spanish towns. This is the one to head to. I enjoyed this place. As we drove up to the town, as we get higher up in elevation, the views starts to get better and better. It is easy to drive here despite the winding roads and they are well maintained. Parking is readily available and this includes both street parking and parking facilities. You can then easily check out the town on foot.

Look at how pretty Frigiliana is. I shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking. The idea here is to wander around aimlessly and get lost in the winding little alleys and be amazing by the whole vibe of the place. There is also a couple of viewpoints that are good for pictures. Must visit!


I barely did 1% of what is around the area that I drove by. I would love to be back and spend weeks exploring this region. There are so many nice cities and towns to head to. Even some of the major ones like Ronda, Granada and Almeria are missing from my list. Let me know if you ever head to Nerja and Frigiliana! I love the two of them and wish I had more time in Frigiliana! I would love to be back in Nerja in the summer though and enjoy the beach! Stay tuned for the next episode! Alicante! One of the most gorgeous coastal cities in Spain!