The first day of our drive take us from Seville to Malaga and we will be passing by some cute little towns and cities on our way! I have planned a couple of stops along the way. There are way too many cities and towns to visit in the region and it is impossible to view all of them. Everything is so pretty and gorgeous. Over the course of the next 6 days, I will be making my way from Seville all the way to Barcelona! It was a little rush to plan that much given the distance that we had to travel but that is all the time that we had! Let me share about the very first day on the road. I wanted to visit a little hilltop Spanish towns and have choose to first head to Vejer de la Frontera before making the way down south to Tarifa which is one of the places that I really like to visit. This is the most southern point of mainland Europe. We then have a short stop in Estepona to stretch our legs before driving into Malaga.

Vejer de la Frontera

Vejer de la Frontera is a Spanish hilltop town and municipality in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia. It is roughly about 45 mins away from Cadiz, the nearest main city in the region. Fancy seeing those gorgeous, out of the world Spanish hilltop towns in white? This is one of the most famous one to visit. I would recommend you to park your car at a carpark when arrived and do the rest of the exploring on foot as the roads are very complicated and narrow. It might not be the best idea to drive in and forget heading in with a huge car or long car as those alleys are hard to navigate. Google Maps may accidentally route you to routes that are closed or one way only. Check out some of my pictures here.


Driving to the most Southern Point of Mainland Europe is next up on the line and this is one place that I am really looking forward to! Well, it is a milestone to be able to be to one of the extreme point of a continent. Tarifa is one of the most popular destinations for windsports. It was a great drive down here and you can really see how the scenery changes as you get to the coast. It is a cute little town but can get busy near the port and the beach. A very popular ferry ride to do is to travel between Tarifa in Spain and Europe with Tangier in Morocco and Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a very laid back place. I took so many pictures here. Look at how cute the beach is! I love the vibes. 

It might be challenging to get a parking lot near the coast and the wind were absolutely gusting on the day that we were here. I love it. The waters are so beautiful. Bucketlist checked.


Estepona was the last place that we visited for the day before heading into Malaga! We were tired at this point in time after the journey. It is a little resort town on the coast. I had a little walk along the yacht club and the beach area. Very relaxing and quaint, especially during the holiday period.


I had planned to visit Marbella as well before heading into Malaga for the night but we decided against it given the long day we had and the time was not on our side. We wanted to get near Malaga as it gets dark and we were also really tired. While the distance might not seem much, the coastal roads do take a longer time that you expected. The Costa del Sol is really huge and you can in fact spent weeks exploring the place if you will really like to visit each and every single towns and cities. Some of the places that I really wish I had time for include Cadiz and Gibraltar. I am not sure when I will or if I will ever be but let’s hope one day I will be in the area again. Next up, Malaga!