Seville or Sevilla is the next stop of my trip. As mentioned, I will be spending 2 nights here in Seville. I wish that I had more time to cater to this city. Seville has plenty to see and is one of the top places to visit in Spain. Seville is the capital of the Andalusia region in the south of the city. The city has its roots from the Moors who stayed in Spain in the past and you can see that the culture remains till today in the Moorish style architecture in the city. I love to see the blend between Islamic roots and Christian gothic style. Some of the greatest examples include the Real Alcazar and the Seville Cathedral. Follow me in checking out the city! This will be the 15th city that I am visiting during this trip.

Getting Around 

I walk around pretty much when in Seville, I will say that the city centre is pretty much walkable. If you are staying in the city centre, you will not need to get a ride mostly. Once, I got into the city centre, I pretty much walk everywhere in the city centre. Most of the places surround the Seville Cathedral and you can use it as a base to check out places.


I had a rather special Seville! I was here during the festive season and over New Year’s Day! The weather was great when I was in Seville and the sun was out! Perhaps even a little too warm for my liking even. You have to wander around the city centre, especially the Santa Cruz district. I love the white facade of houses and this place is so beautiful. You can find the narrow alleys lined with orange trees on the side too. The vibes are excellent and everyone is out to wine and dine during this festive season.

Look how pretty Seville is during the festive season with lights and decorations all around town.

Seville Cathedral and La Giralda are another must-visit. This is one of the top attractions in the city and the area can be said as the central point of Seville. It is a popular meeting spot. The La Giralda or the bell tower is a mighty sight. I love the cathedral and that imposing structure is certainly worthy of a visit to see it even if you are not entering. You do have to get a ticket to enter the attraction.

I particularly love the area around Patio de Banderas. The historical plaza features plenty of orange trees, how lovely it is for pictures.

Another spot that I will recommend is the avenue along with Fabrica de Tabacos de Sevilla! This famous building is now being used as university offices.

Then of course you couldn’t miss out on Plaza de Espana! This place is my favourite and the best spot in town. I love it. It is also photographer heaven when you can have a great spot anywhere around here. It is bustling and looks at how pretty this place is. I can’t get enough of this place. You can also take a little leisurely ride on those tourist boats and paddle around the area! The surrounding park is very nice as well. I enjoyed this place. The weather was just a little too hot when I visited. I took so many pictures here.

Setas de Seville is a unique one in town. The structure is wholly made of wood. It certainly stands out among the rest of the surroundings and looks futuristic. You can also get up to the top for a view of the city.

When you are here you can also check out the market that is just below the structure!

When in Spain, you also have to check out a bullring, the local bullring in Seville is located just along the river. The Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Sevilla. Wow! Okay, that is a long name! The colours of the bullring are striking and you will never miss it.

Check out the Torre del Oro too!


Seville is another haven for Spanish food and it is so good with a huge focus on seafood and wines from the region. Prices also seem to be cheaper over here. I had some of my best meals in the city. I miss the food here so much. Let me share with you some of my favourite spots. One of the restaurants that you have to visit when in Seville is Las Teresas. The restaurant is located in the Santa Cruz district. It is home to some of the nicest buildings in town with white facades and orange trees. This historical Spanish restaurant is full of charm and serves up some of the best stews, meat and tapas. Look at the bar! Wow! The place is famous for its Iberico grilled pork. This place has its roots in 1870 and has been in existence for more than 150 years. Currently, the third-generation owners are calling the shots.

We got some of their speciality to share and everything was excellent. I love the grilled pork and the prawn skewers were memorable. The cod was alright. The prices are really good and the whole meal was around 20ish Euros with drinks.

Another amazing meal I had in Seville was at Dos de Mayo! The restaurant is located in the San Vicente area, just a short stroll from the centre. The area is full of restaurants and everyone was out to soak in the festive vibes, wine and dine the afternoon away. Look at how vibrant this neighbourhood is.

Besides the items on the menu, the staff will also bring over some of the freshest catches of the day if you would like to have any. We got an assortment of dishes! Everything was really good, especially the garlic prawns and the scallops. I love the grilled fish too! The pepper sauce was a little too heavy and covered the natural sweetness of the pork. You have to try their white wine here. They are excellent.


I wish that I had more time in Seville, it is a little short and sadly time is not on my side to plan a long time here. I wanted to see more stuff along the coast and by this time, I had only about 10 days left in-country before heading back to Singapore. Seville is one of my favourite cities in Spain and I will recommend everyone to come here for a visit. The architecture and the food make it rather unique and different from other cities in Spain. You should at the very least cater 3 days here. I love to see the influences of both the Islamic culture and history being combined with the western world. Check this place out, but never in the summer.