Do you want a postcard with me in it! I could supply you with a ton of them after my trip to Kandersteg, Oeschinensee, Blausee & Thun. One of the very best and most scenic part of Swiss alps and scenery, Kandersteg is definitely worth to be up on your alley when you are in Switzerland. There are many areas to explore if you are in Switzerland. Tons of hikes to do, skiing in the winter or even adventure sports. Nature is the best thing over here. Located in almost the centre region of Switzerland, around Interlaken is the best spot for such activities. This time around. I am headed to Kandersteg, Oeschinensee, Blausee & Thun. Kandersteg is a high-altitude resort village in the Bernese Oberland region. You can expect fresh air and swiss cows. What a rustic lifestyle over here. The two main highlight of my visit are the Oeschinensee, Blausee. This two lakes have long been on my bucketlist and the thing to do. With the efficient train network and system in Switzerland they are all doable on a day trip with ease despite you being based in anywhere in Switzerland. An awesome day trip!

Since I was based in Zurich, Kandersteg is about a 2.5 hours train ride away and usually we you will be changing trains in Bern, which is the nearest major train station in the vicinity. My journey involves the taking of the train from Zurich Flughafen to Bern and then changing to a regional train that takes me right to Kandersteg. Then you are let out right in the alpine village with crisp alps fresh air greeting you. I sure did stretch and took in the awesome view and air right after alighting. All in all, very easy and fussless. Once again the SBB app is a very useful tool to plan your journey and get the most streamless connections. Train rides are amazing in Switzerland where the scenery is simply jaw dropping. From cities to the lush greens, it is the best entertainment you ever need.

Before I go into the sharing I will first want to take more on the train ticket. Public Transport are by no means a cheap affair in this part of the world. I have heard from a local that she spend 1 to 2 thousand CHF a year on her train pass alone. I bought my ticket on the app directly and it shows you the various options and pass as well. I did not get a Swiss Pass or Half Fare card since it didn’t work out to be cheaper since I only need it for today. In the end I got a Saver Day Pass for the whole network which will cover all forms of transportation in Second Class. It cost me 106 CHF, which is around 150 SGD!!! Ouch. The Saver Day Pass allows you to travel unlimited for the selected day till 5am the following. It turn out to be the best decision ever since I got 50% off tickets such as my Gondola ride later and cover my bus ride to Blausee as well. In fact I could also stop by more places in the day such as Bern, Spiez and Thun in the same day although I was too tired by then. Here is the Gondola station in the lower town.

Kandersteg is located almost in the central region of the country near Interlaken, Spiez and Thun. The area are mostly alpine villages and the mountainous region with plenty of hikes and nature to do. If you are in for it. There are plenty of adventure sports to be done here as well. I was mainly attracted to the area with the proximity of Oeschinensee and Blausee. Two absolutely beautiful lakes and drastically different from one another. I will share my thoughts on them later. The area is located at 1,200 meters high up in the bernese region and it offers a fantastic view of the Blümlisalp Massif. I really love how peaceful the village is when I was walking past it towards the Gondelbahn. What an amazing retirement life is would be here. I love how the houses here are still made with wood and with a very amazing chalet vibes.

First up! Oeschinensee! O-chin-nee-see! It sure might be a struggle to pronounce, especially after being starstruck by the view! Located up in the Oeschinen valley. The alpine lake lies at an elevation of 1,578 metres with a a maximum depth is 56 metres. The lake is fed through a series of mountain creeks and drains underground. The lake is highly accessible which makes it perfect for a day trip! The trail to the lake itself it also very gentle and easy for all ages. While you can definitely hike up from the village itself. I did the reasonable choice and took the gondola. The station is about a 15 mins stroll from Kandersteg Train Station and you can buy tickets right on the spot. There is a slight queue given that it is the holidays and the weather is good. In summer, Kandersteg is a hiking heaven over here. In summer a return ticket cost 30 CHF although those with a child / half fare ticket / GA, it cost 15 CHF and I was entitled to this with my Saver Pass. Good savings. Views were so awesome on the way up with plenty sighting of Swiss Cows and the panoramic view of the village of Kandersteg.

From the top cable car station, it takes about 25 mins of walking to reach the lake of if not you can pay for some overpriced golf cart ride which is so expensive. You will reach sooner than expected and in no time. It is not as hard as you think it is! Furthermore the awesome view will keep you accompanied. Although trust me you will take longer since you will be constantly stopping for pictures. Doesn’t this look like The Sound of Music or where Ricola ads are being filmed.

I was so amaze when the lake comes into view. It is so spectacular! It is so dreamy over here and I went crazy like a little kids and I have already seen a lot of nice things in my life. I am also fortunate to have such great weather on the day that I was there. The lake is impressive with its blue color and mountain peaks all around it. The view get rid of all the tiredness.

The water is so clear and by the water side you can also find Swiss Cows. They were right there and lazing their day in the sun. They have such an amazing home! Definitely better than my apartment. Such a lovely day! It is rather busy since it is in the peak of summer although you can certainly get some quiet spots around the lake. I met a friend over here who is studying for her MD in Switzerland and we went around snapping some shots. Hey hello! Given the lovely day you can find family having picnics or even a BBQ by the lake. Some was even doing some swimming in the water which is so clear and pretty. What a nice outing. I had fun with my take out breakfast as well. Settling on a nice patch of greens and having my meal with the scenic view and sounds of the swiss cow! 3 Star Michelin Experience. Check out the pictures!

Blausee is another famous attraction in the area and people usually do it together with Oeschinensee since they are rather close to one another. You are able to get the bus from the Kandersteg Station where bus 230 takes you right there and let you out in front of the entrance. There is a time table on the bus stop so do plan you time well since bus might not run as often over that part of the world. My saver pass allows me on the bus as well. I bump into another acquaintance that I met at Oeschinensee earlier and we went to blausess together. Hey Wibke, thanks for helping me with all the pictures. First up is that iconic one on the rock!

You do have to pay for the entrance to enter the Lake which is kind of annoying given that it is out in the wild. You are able to get the tickets right at the gift shop, thankfully I had my student card with me and it cost 6 CHF for a ticket. Blausee is known for its clear blue color waters. In fact very blue and very clear. The lake is also one of the smallest that I have ever seen. There are trouts in the lake as well. For this no one is swimming in it. It is still pretty nice to take a look and definitely plenty of pictures.

I felt that the place is super crowded and even a tat claustrophobic. In fact you are able to walk around the lake in less than 15 mins! The ticket includes a boat ride on the lake as well although I didn’t get down to do it given that there is a wait. The intensely blue colour is really striking although it does seems that it looks prettier online given the amount of people here. Surrounding the lake you can also find some cabins and restaurants.

On my way back to Zurich, I stop in Thun in the evening to check it out given that I had not been here before. Thun is a little town just on the banks of Lake Thun, one of the more impressive ones n the country. I simply took a walk across the city where the Aare flows thru splitting it in half. The town is famous for the Thun Castle. It is rather pretty and nice. Flusswelle Thun is one nice spot for all the actions. It is something like a dam and I got to see some people surfing on the water which seems rather dangerous! Charming little town.

It was an amazing day out of Zurich and I was literally exhausted at the end of it given the amount of places I went to and waking up early. I decided to just head back after Thun even though I could head to more places. Thankfully there was a direct train back to Zurich. I enjoyed Kandersteg so much and would definitely recommend anyone who is in Switzerland to make a trip there. The tickets are expensive but worth in! Blausee might be a little disappointment given the crowd. I will certainly enjoy it more with less crowd! Everywhere literally felt like a postcard. Next up, Zurich!

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