Making a trip to Ireland, you definitely can’t miss out on making a trip to the Cliffs of Moher, which boost impressive, jaw dropping cliffs with some even at a height of more than 150m from the top to the Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs is also one of the most impressive one in the world, running for more than 15 KM in the west of the island. This is also the main and most well-known attraction in the whole of Ireland. Located at the south western edge of the Burren Region. I decided to do a day trip when I was in Ireland. Since I was staying in Dublin, I got a rental car for the day and drove there in the morning. Seeing that I was in the west of the country already, I decided to pair up the place with a visit to Galway as well! All in all, it is an awesome day trip, do note that I did this in Summer which gave me more daylight. Join me in my journey in visiting them!


The Cliffs constantly top the charts for most popular attractions in Ireland many coming here just for a sight of them. They are also a popular filming location with one of them being Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Coming from Dublin, it is around a 3hr and 15mins drive, although it definitely take longer than this with traffic. Although I would say that the traffic definitely got a lot better once we got out of the city areas. We got to the area roughly around noon. I love the crisp and cooling fresh air as well as the greens. The whole area have a lot of flat green and the slow elevation of the cliffs on the coast.

While there are a number of points of interest at Cliffs of Moher, such as O’Brien Tower, Moher Tower at Hag’s Head, Pollboy and Doonagore Castle. They are mainly part of the whole coastal walk in the Cliffs of Moher. But I feel that most of it are pretty inaccessible. There are a lack of parking facilities in these places and access point. I find it rather intriguing, usually from my experience there are usual spaces that you can just pull up to and check out the sites. I also hate that this place is fee charging, unlike most other rural tourist attractions that I have been to before. The main place is the Visitor Centre where you have to pay, for “entrance to the visitor centre” which is in fact for parking. And it is not only by car but by adults. Tip: Alight before entering so you only pay for 1pax.

Enjoy the views here and check out some of the pictures. From here it is a short walk to the cliffs and you can get impressive views of the area. I will recommend you all to head to the right hand side towards O’Brien Tower side where the views are much more impressive. You can also get closer to the cliffs. Do note that some of the roads might be uneven so be careful. You are also warned not to get to close to the cliffs as there have been cases where people were blown off or fall off the cliffs. After all it is rather breezy at the top. So do take those Instagramable pictures at your risk! HAHA! You can spend as much time here as you want since there is lots to see and the path seems never ending.

I had a mix feeling towards the cliffs. Perhaps I am fortunate enough to see lots of nature and much more amazing sights and I was just in Skye a week ago! Don’t get me wrong as it is really still a very nice place. What I love about the place most is how high up you are and the vertical drop to the ocean. In total we spend about 2 hours here. Also do not miss out on the visitor centre itself. After all you already paid for it and it is not cheap as well. Tickets cost 8 Euro for adults and 7 Euro for concessions. It is rather interesting and I love this exhibit especially where they show you how was the cliffs formed and they location of them from different times in the past such as ice age or something.

After that we head to Galway for a long due lunch as well as to check out this little harbour city. I guess most of us now know of Galway after the famous Galway Girl and the MV of the song as well. It is rather happening and super crowded. I love the vibes here, there are so many “concert” level street performance and musician playing in the city and they are so lovely to keep you accompanied. Some of the must see include the 18th-century Eyre Square.


Of course I took a super leisurely walk down The Long Walk where the Galway Girl MV was filmed. It is super quaint and relaxing which the colorful houses being a nice sight as well. I love how the locals just chill by the side of it and read a book with the seagulls over the water. Super relaxing.

It was a nice relaxing day out to check out the rural areas and beauty of Ireland. While the cliffs did not live up to my expectation since I was just at the cream of the crop, Isle of Skye a week ago, it was still a nice relaxing day out! I however do hate that I have to spend money on parking in the rural area and in Galway we simply park at Eyre Square Centre shopping centre for 5 euros. That is not too bad. Hope you all like this sharing, it is still a must do if you are in Ireland! Next up, I will share more of my driving experience in Ireland!

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