It feels good to be finally be back in London after 4 years. London is a huge city and even though I was in town for 5 days previously, it felt that there was still much left undone. This is also another reason why I am back. I would be staying away from most of the touristy place and definitely trying out spots that I have left out previously. East London for example would be totally new to me. It will be more of like a living in London experience this time around. Some of the places that I would like to share with you this time around would be Kensington Palace, Kensington, Hyde Park, Notting Hill, Portobello Market, Camden, Primrose Hill and East London. Of course some of my favourite eating spots as well. Without further ado, lets go!

The very first place that we went to on the first day that we arrive was to check out the area of Kensington as well as the Kensington Palace. It was only a short stroll from where we are staying. I really love this neighbourhood and the area. We were treated to some really nice buildings and houses. I love the neat rolls of clean white houses together with landscaped greens by the side. Just check out some of the pictures of me gleaming with hope that I would have a chance to live in such a place one day! Check out the amazing Royal Crescent!

A short hop away nearby, you can also find the Kensington Park, this amazing plots of greens is something of a royalty. Situated in the backyard of the Kensington Palace, the royal home of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. How lovely is this. While you need to pay to enter the palace, the greens are free to explore and frankly speaking, it is such a lovely place to have a picnic or just a nice afternoon nap on them. I certainly had my fair share of resting over here. This place is also a perfect picture spot. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side!

Connected to it is the Hyde Park, London most famous and most extensive park, right smack in the middle of Central London. It is the largest royal park as well. I love greens and park and no doubt Hyde park is one of the top of my list. You could literally spend hours here checking out various spots and strolling from Kensington all the way to Mayfair or even Buckingham Palace. It is easy enough to find your way. The most famous thing to do here is definitely, The Long Water or The Serpentine, which is like a lake in the middle of the park. It is super picturesque! You can also get some company from the huge number of swans here. They are pretty fun! Although do watch out for droppings and pet at your own risk HAHA!

I also took a little escape and had a little me time. Taking the opportunity when my parents are suffering from Jetlag to checking out Notting Hill as well as Portobello Market. I have been awaiting my time to check out this vibrant trendy place. Of course definitely to take some pictures with the pastel colors houses. This is another neighbourhood that I would love so much to stay here. You can find cafes, boutique stores that line up the streets alongside quiet homes. What a nice place. If you want look for a good spot for those instagram worthy pictures, Hillgate Place is one of them. If not just wander around and you will find lots of them.

In the vicinity, you would also have to check out the Portobello Market, which can be found on Portobello Road. It is simply one long straight road where you can walk down and enjoy the vibes. I enjoy it alot, walking around, doing some window shopping. Loving the summer in London, despite it being close to 7pm, it is still so bright and nice to walk around.

All the way up north of the city lies Camden. Another one of my must do this time around. I super trendy and happening place in London. You have to definitely come here at least once in your life. Walk down the streets, check out the stalls and definitely stroll around the antique market. Come here hungry as there is lots of restaurants, street food and vendors to grab something. You would feel young here since there is really a very youthful vibes around here. Poppies Fish and Chips, one of the best in town can also be found here. You can get here easily with the Tube. Camden Town is the nearest station.

Camden Lock is also a must see right here. It was super crowded when I am here in the afternoon. The area have lots of nice spots and across the lock you can also see the process of the ferry making its way thru which is rather interesting. Simply stroll down Camden High St as well as Chalk Farm Rd for a nice lazy afternoon. Soak in the vibes.

I would also like to recommend you guys to pair up the trip to Camden with Primrose Hill. Which is nearby and within walking distance. It would be perfect to eat and shop at Camden and then spend the rest of the day at Primrose Hill lazing on the grass with a view of london, chilling and catch the sunset. What a picture perfect sunday that would be. It is a short walk from Camden and you will cut across some housing in Primrose, which looks awesome and upscale as well.

Trust me! Grab some beer from a nearby shop or some bubbles if you are fancy enough, walk up the hill and find a nice patch of grass. Simply lie down and forget about the time. Trust me. Nothing is way better than this. The most amazing and favourite time I had in London. The grass is so soft and comfy. Together with the view of the city. Oh oh, missing it much. Just wish that I could catch the sunset, sadly that would be kind of late since I was there in summer. I am glad to have the perfect weather as well. Do some people and dog watching if you like.

East London is also worth a visit, especially with it being so diverse and different from the rest of the city. Spitalfields is worth a visit for some shopping and lunch but honestly I do not think there is much here actually. Shoreditch and Brick Lane Market is much more interesting in my opinion. It is only open on the weekends. There are lots of stalls and vendors selling stuff and you can also get plenty of street arts in the area around Shoreditch. Tendy. 

After that check out some of the stalls and shops near Brick Lane. There are lots of antiques and second hand stores that sells almost everything. From leather jackets to old vinyl records collection. You will never know what you will be able to find here.

Now for food and eating in London. Being such a cosmopolitan city, you can literally find any cuisine here. While Dishoom, Burger and Lobster or stuff like Flat Iron favourites that almost everyone know already. This time around I would like to share some of the more unique ones. First up, cliche as it is, you can’t miss a visit to Borough Market, the best food market in London or perhaps in the world. It is also a nice place to shop and check out all the produce.

Some of the stuff I tried here includes the famous Richard Haward Oysters! Affordable prices and freshly shucked. Try some of them and you will not be dissapointed.

Here are some more of the stuff that I got! You would go crazy with how many choices there are here. In fact you could be a cheapo and just fill yourself up with all the tasting while walking around. I really like the seafood wrap from Applebees Fish as well.

Being in London, live like a Londoner or like the queen. There is always a time for tea and always for scones. Freshly brewed Earl Grey Tea with warm crispy scones always goes hand in hand. Live like a tai tai and head to Muffin Man Tea Shop located in High Street Kensington. It is the best and a way of life. Grab yourself some tea set! They are famous for their tea collection as well as their freshly baked scones. They have a ton of cakes and other stuff on offer as well. Well! It makes a super nice instagram photo as well. Prices are fair and it will not be too harsh on your wallet.

A favourite ice cream spot of mine in covent garden is La Gelatiera, this little ice cream parlour hidden in a side alley. The crowd will show its position or the pink exterior. Crab some of the pistachio ice cream and I bet you will be back for seconds. Perfect for a place to rest and of course, a treat for your palate.

I really enjoy returning to London, a nice finish to what I had miss the previous time. Got some of my craving settled at Borough Market and super awesome scones at Muffin Man. Had the most chill afternoon at Primrose! London is a super attractive city to me and one that I would like to move to one day. I had a very different view to London this time around, visiting less touristy spots and more of a relaxing vibe. I even got to squeeze in a long overdue meet up with a friend! Definitely will be back London. So long!

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