Well. This is definitely the most impromptu trip that I ever embark on. Tickets book in hours, in the wee hours. I can still remember how exciting it is! On 1 Jan 2019 till the day I departed, 15 May 2019. A period of awaiting! Constantly reading up on flight reviews and getting knowledge as well as information on Cathay Pacific. Since it is rather foreign to me in comparison to Singapore Airlines. Well, there it is for a Mileage Run, an error ticket. Here it is for Seeing The World In Steps first error fare and mileage run. I have to say that it is thrilling. The very first time that I am travelling for the sake of flying and not the destination itself. I would just like to share some of my thoughts throughout this trip in this post shortly. It will also be a good way for me to remise about how amazing the last two weeks have been on CX, Danang as well as the States.

I didn’t give it much thoughts after buying the ticket, since there is always a strong chance that it might be cancelled. Only after CX issue a press release saying that they will be honouring it. There comes the real excitement. I immediately secure flights to base myself from Singapore and start to have some concrete plans. In the meantime, I kept seeing reviews and blogs on the products that I am about to visit. I just wish that I had bought more tickets if I am better off and had more courage in me.

While USA isn’t on my list anymore since I have been there just 2 years back and been to NYC before as well. It seems to be rather boring. However in the end I had such an amazing time in the states that lead to this trip, A Cathay Present, being one of the best one that I had and certainly something that I will remember for life. Thanks Cathay!

I stayed in a university campus for the first time in my life. I went to a classic university party for the first time in my life. I fell sick overseas and went to the doctor for the first time in my life. I went pub crawling for the first time in my life. I met fellow Singaporeans and new friends as well. We even check out NYC together. There are just so many ups and down throughout this trip, be it good or bad!

There was also some chill days were I would just do nothing and laze around or some days were I literally walk until I had blisters on my feet. From Soho to Wall St, from Manhattan to Brooklyn! Grabbing donuts and cookies all over NYC. Of course, numerous pictures taken as well. Thanks Jean, Jacinth and Zann for being such good company. If you are reading this, hey there!

I clocked two new cities, would be three if I hadn’t fell sick. Tried out two new airlines in the world and Cathay First Class which was the highlight. 8 new lounges in the world and even had champagne while taking a soak. Well I guess that is life for me.

To share a little about my expenditure. I paid about 3400 SGD in all for this trip. Close to 1500SGD were spend on the Cathay flights, my routing flights to Da Nang. Then I had 5 nights in hotels where I spend about 1000SGD, for the other nights, I stayed with my friends. The rest were my day to day expenditure during the trip.

While good things does not last forever, just like how this trip is over. Memories does and so does the thousands of photos that I have with me. Wishing for many more such amazing, impromptu trips to come in the future. And obviously more error first class tickets as well. To all the people and friends that I will make around the world in the future. Hi! This marks the end of this trip series, I got to say it should be a record since I usually do not get reports or post out this fast. Well coming up next would be my trip to the UK, Ireland and Paris, The Bucketlist! Stay tuned!


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