This is going to be a fairly short post since I only spend the morning walking around Jersey City and then a couple of hours in Newark which was even further cut short by the rain. It is lovely to check out this two little cities since they are always considered the underdogs when squaring up against the likes of NYC. It is also one of the reason why I stayed in Jersey City the night before even though I landed in JFK all the way in Queens.

The Path was actually very manageable and super easy to use. This is also probably the same way that you will use to get around Manhattan, Jersey City as well as Newark. It is amazing that the Path was made to link up these 3 important cities. You can easily get around in 10-15 mins all for the price of 2.75 USD. Or you could even catch a ferry which runs frequently. After getting a great night of sleep, I am out to explore Jersey City!

It is Manhattan next door neighbour, a much cheaper and more quaint option that staying in Manhattan. In fact, some of the locals commute everyday too. Most of the places of interest are located towards the Hudson and the Grove St, Newport as well as the waterfront area.

First up, the order of business is to get something to start the day right, and there is nothing better than freshly made Bagels. I made a little short walk cross the town to check out Wonder Bagels, known as the best bagels place in Jersey City. It is about a 5 mins walk from the centre and open daily from 6am to 3pm. I was there and saw a short queue forming up, now you know that this is a sign that you are right! Throughout the time that I was there, there is always a queue.

There is a ton of options on the menu, from the classic bagels with cream cheese to fancy options that you can have a full breakfast within the bagels itself. Prices range from around 2 buck to 5-6 buck. It is an affordable one. When it is your turn, order the one you want and then choose the flavour of your bagels. It will then be prep and you will pay for it. Being super hungry, I decided to go for one of the Egg Sandwich which are made with 2 Extra Large Eggs and I even top up some Taylor Ham too. Lux! That cost me a total of $4.75. Look at the size of it!

The egg were fluffy and tender, seasoned just right and the taylor ham adds some char and savoury taste to it. I got the everything flavoured bagels as well. I believe that the size is definitely good enough for 2 person to share since they were huge.

After having my bagels, I went around to the riverfront area, this area is definitely the highlight of Jersey City, similar to how important Manhattan is, the greatest attraction here and the best view is definitely the view of Manhattan over the Hudson, which I can say that is really amazing. I spend quite some time here taking pictures as well.

Something that you could not miss is also the Colgate Clock located just at the end of the Waterfront. This is kind of a thing. Heck you could even tell the time while looking over the Hudson!

I spend some time strolling on the riverfront and caught some lovely sights. The weather was amazing as well. This is fairly how my leisurely morning was spent.

After that I went back to check out and head to Newark. I had plan a few hours to check out the city while waiting for my bus to DC later on in the evening. Sadly the rain kind of disrupt my plans and I only managed to take a walk down along the quirky North Ironbound District. I was pretty nice and had a totally different vibes. The main street here is Ferry St and you can find a lot of portuguese influences. It is very different from what you will see in NYC or Jersey City. Although some parts does seems to be pretty shady.

All in all, I pretty much like the feeling of Jersey City, while I had barely touch the city, it does seems amazing. People were nice, the city is not too big and I kinda love that it is much quieter and quaint that the busy, way too fast pace Manhattan. Hopefully one day I will have the fortune of working in Wall St and I will choose to stay in Jersey City. It had like the feeling where you are away from the crowd, but not too far away from the buzz!

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