Hopping Across! Nah! But this time around I actually did walk across the causeway and to Johor Bahru. It may really seems like a stone throw away from our coast, but it got to be really a hell of a throw! Previously, in the last post of my day trip to JB I have briefly covered about the different ways you could travel there from Singapore, but actually another one would be simply by relying on your legs. After all it only takes some steps on the method of transportation given by god! Yes in fact, you could walk along the bridge from Singapore to JB, with the bikes and cars zooming past you. Compared to the usual long wait for the bus to ferry you, this may actually be faster. The long q is also the one that makes me and my friend to just walk. Just follow the peoples in front of you and you will be in Malaysia in about 10 to 15 mins. Definitely not for the weak legged! LITERALLY SEEING THE WORLD IN STEPS RIGHT! BUT JB NIA! For this time around, the trip was actually centred around Senibong Cove! My friend had a newly constructed condo there and we decided to do ourselves a little 2D1N mini vacay!


We decided to take out time and give it a shot, I arrive at the customs at about 11am, hopping that the crowd would be over from the morning. Singapore side was a breeze, but the Malaysia counterpart was a disaster this time around. Seems like there is no real pattern from both of my trip. Guess what! This time round, we even gave ourself a little work out to kick start the feasting & feasting 2d1N trip by WALKING ACROSS THE CAUSEWAY! I can not legit say that I made it to another country in steps! For those whom are unsure, if the bus queue looks a little long to you, this might be a great alternative!


Given the famished us, the first order of business is definitely food. Headed to the cafe area near City Square, we had Bev.C Cafe in mind after seeing the raved reviews online. It is actually more well known for their interior design. Bev.C is actually a cafe cum boutique store. On the ground levels, it sells clothes for both the ladies and gents, it had a distinctive style of design of the plain one coloured kind. The true crowd was actually located up a level, connected by a tiny staircase on the side. It is packed even after lunch time, with many chit chats over a pie and drink. This seems to be their selling point of having just some light snacks together with a nice ambience for people to spend their afternoon here. Dont’t expect hearty food here, but there is a bed on the cafe itself, yes, a bed! Along on the wall feature a nice DIY exhibition of their clothes hanged on the walls. The food are kind of pricey here too. We pay about 50RM for a pie, croissant and two drinks.


After that we took a cab to KSL and was fairly charged by the meter, costing 9RM for the ride. A full body massage was next in line as per the norm, this time around I paid for 100RM at a parlour on the second level of KSL. Following on we grab some necessities at the supermarket and definitely Ba Kut Teh before departing to Senibong Cove, the highlight of this trip. Opposite the entrance on the basement level of KSL City is Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh, the one and only famous store that everyone and almost all Singaporeans come for when they are across the customs. It literally associate JB together with Bak Kut Teh. Housed in a slightly worn coffee shop, this no fills outlet served up the long queue outside their store with clay pots after clay pots of pipping hot soup. The menu is simple, consisting of the usual offering.


A one person portion is 10RM while the largest is 40RM, the pig trotter is 12RM. Together with a bowl of rice, this awesome meal isn’t gonna break a hole as it fills up the one in your belly. There are also extra side ingredients you can add into the soup as you order, prices are cheap. I would definitely recommend the beancurd skin as it really soaks up the soup. I find it affordable and tasty, just slightly over sweet on the soup.

We flag a cab to bring us to Senibong Cove and it was a pricey 40rm! Definitely overcharged us! Sometimes I find that cabs are usually fair and go by the meter in the early afternoon and Malay drivers are more honest as well. Gladly the driver seems pretty nice and managed to find the place as it is new and slightly quiet at the moment. We definitely made the right decision to make our way to Senibong Cove early, since it’s our first time here and the sunlight would sure aid in our exploration of the area. Guess what! The first moment that we arrived, the though of wondering how to get a return cab tomorrow simply just pop up in our mind. Senibong Cove is a new development located roughly about 15mins drive from the causeway, it is like a Sentosa Cove that we had in Singapore, I’m impressed with the way they way they designed the whole community and their direction with security, practically the most important concern in JB.


It was a gated community and accessing the whole establishment is strictly controlled, then inside the community were different housing options, where each of them has their own security and guards, every access and opening of door were controlled with key cards. It is meant to be like a neighbourhood with all sorts of amenities, from the marina to restaurants and shopping malls. It is meant to be entirely possible to stay between the the cove. Given the much cheaper price, I would really seriously consider staying there since I really felt safe inside the community and establishment. It is currently still very new and undeveloped, with much of the stuffs coming up in the next few years. Which explain one negative aspect of the place currently, the lack of any transportation inside.


At first, I was expecting it to be expensive, given that it is actually an upscale area of JB where only Singaporeans, expats and the affluent locals would be around. Despite most housing being unoccupied currently the marina area is definitely bustling, I am also surprised by the number of locals! Seems like Senibong is the new and upcoming place in hype. Another great feature was also the wifi coverage throughout the whole community, this definitely makes out time much more manageable! Currently the wharf area had a couple of dining and we had our eyes on Harvests Bar & Grill, serving up delightful western cuisine and drinks with a alfresco setting. The place is just perfect to spend the night, with the cold breeze and stars towering over the yacht beside you, a nice cold glass of beer washing down the food. Bring me back here now. Furthermore, we were dressed in such comfortable clothing that I just feel so laid back and relaxing, sipping the beer and enjoying my dinner as the time pass by. We definitely over ordered! Each having a main and also sharing a pizza and calamari. Total damage? Less than 30 bucks each! I would love to specifically point out the calamari as it is absolutely delish, notwithstanding the crispy exterior, it is also cooked to perfection, then they finish it a little different by adding bird eye chilli and salted egg, making it so so good.


Given that it’s still a new development with many amenities aren’t completed, the serenity and quietness is the main selling point currently. Having a laid back vacation, with meals and naps alternating between each other, walking in flipflops and shorts, your time will be well spend. In the morning prior before returning, we also hit out at the nearby cafe right outside our apartments. Seemingly quiet on the exterior and at night, Vanilla Bean Coffee & Patisserie is bustling right inside in the morning. With the staffs busy making plates after plates of breakfast and the steaming espresso machine. Siting at the bar, I had the coffee aroma to wake me up slowly. Looking around, one particular dish caught my eye, which was the Blueberry Ricotta Hotcakes! It was absolutely gorgeous and lavish with cut fruits. It was definitely going to be my order. The hotcakes was fluffy and light, with blueberry being fold into the batter and packed with it when you take a bite. However I find the hotcakes needed a little more sugar in it, which would make it more delightful. Together with a latte and a side of scrambled eggs, it was a great meal. Costing 42RM in total, it was a bargain.

Senibong Cove is a very huge area and community, frankly speaking it’s quite a walk from the Water Edge Apartments which we are staying at to the wharf and yacht area, with all the boats and restaurants. The area really had good vibes and chills. Lazy breakfast after waking up, back to the bed for some more lazing before hitting the water and followed up with a luxurious dining and drinks along side the yachts, all these are possible here! With the slight mark up against prices found outside and perhaps much more affordable, given the favourable exchange rate, Senibong is a great destination for us. We took a uber back to the customs and at a fair price of 14rm!!! So yea, I won’t be cheated by taxi drivers anymore in the future. Given the great vibes and future development to come I would love to come back in the future again.

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