Travel for pictures, travel for Instagram ? Doing what others have been doing? Sometimes people really just do it for the sake of doing it and because what others have been doing. There are times where I really find it extremely humorous and comical! Especially when I do it too. Travelling has never been the same as the past. Now you see the usage of hashtags and the power of social networking sites changing how travel is right now. Me myself have been such a person too! Supporting the Pisa Tower with your body! Siting on top of the Stairways to Heaven in Montserrat! In Melbourne, one of such happenings are the colourful little huts located on the beach. Known also as bathing boxes, located on Dendy Street Beach, I knew that I had to make a trip down here! Simply just to see it for myself and also TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH IT AND POST ON MY INSTAGRAM! These colourful little huts are just a short drive away and I definitely didn’t regret coming!


Just a throw away from the buzzing CBD area, Brighton is in the suburbs, roughly a 20 min drive away. Seemingly, as you travel further out, you come into the true touch and exposure of the Victorians lifestyle and their pace of life. Another word would be their standard of living. Slowly, the space gets bigger, the amount of people get lesser, it feels laid back! Terrace and Bungalow like houses neatly arranged in clusters along a route cars passing by, with either greenery’s or houses on either side. Soon we were in the opposite side of Melbourne seen from the CBD area. This also mean a magnificent panorama view of the Melbourne CBD which we would get! I would gladly share that with you guys later on.


Being slightly new and unfamiliar, I had actually drove too far way pass the area with the Bathing Boxes! I turn into a carpark once I saw the sea and the beach, silly thinking that that was the place I should be in. Someone once told me, ” Getting lost is a part of travelling, if you never get lost, you probably didn’t had a good trip” I still remember this till today. Sometimes surprises lies in wait and you never know what you might discover when you are lost. It might even be even more magical that what you had originally plan to visit! I was in a area going down from the original Dendy Beach that I was heading to, A little cliff overlooking the marvellous Pacific Ocean and also the towering skyscrapers of the CBD area on the other side. It had amazing greens, wooden benches alongside a path that seems to be a little coastal running path that many locals were doing their exercises. I roam around the area for a little, enjoying the cold wind running through my hair, enjoying the laid back, slow pace of life. Taking a seat at one of the benches, thinking about my life and just watching. Speaking about the locals, they are really polite and cheerful, many would greet you when they are passing by, seemingly feel that they are really happy living here. I took a little stroll down a slope to a beach with fine gold sand, took a little pictures and decided that we should probably get back to our true destination, Brighton Bathing Boxes.


It is worth nothing that the entrance to the part of the beach where the Bathing Boxes are located has no carpark, although across the street from the beach there are many streets parking available alongside the many landed houses. The parking are usually free officially for an hour. The more accurate address would be the interaction between Dendy St & Esplanade Dr. The entry is pretty covered and not obvious from the outside, follow a slope down, you would definitely be greeted by the bathing bathing boxes and the beach. Today weather was perfect. Cooling yet sunny, always my kind of day. Blue Blue skies, some white clouds with the sand glistering in the sun. Aw! The view is awesome! Be it the people, the endless sea view, the far far view of skyscrapers or the brightly coloured and painted bathing boxes!


People were enjoying their time as if they had no worries. Same as them! Phew! It’s been a long awaited vacation needed. Some were just taking pictures, travellers, like us. Some were playing with their kids, picking shells and building castle. Some were taking a stroll, the picture of a elderly couple holding hands and taking a stroll down the beach simply looks heartwarming. I even had a little chat with a lady and also the dog which according to her, wanted her to bring it out for a run! Speaking about life!!!


This place is breathtaking! I definitely lost the track of time over here, posing around with the many different houses, running in the sands and just snapping snapping snapping these pictures, both with my camera and also my naked eye. A little stroll enjoying the laid back lifestyle. I could lie down on the beach and read a novel or just watching tv series on my laptop. Next thing on the BUCKETLIST? At this moment, I had simply overrun my time here for Yarra Valley!


Brighton is an amazing place to stay, retire, personally, given the high standards, clean, friendly neighbours, good air and also a safe place! Taking a slower pace of life, with the sea and the greens greeting you every morning. The lifestyle of the locals is what everyone yearns of. Maybe 30 years later, I would be here! Taking my dog out in the morning for a stroll, along with my laptop, settling down on a bench and reading off my own stories on Seeing The World In Steps!

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