Hong Kong is a place where I have been to a couple times already, such is the norm of Singaporeans. Only a short plane ride away and with the establishment many budget airlines, flights are numerous and affordable. Simple saying, a reasonable guess, there are a least 20 direct flights from Singapore to Hong Kong. Besides my all-time favourite, Singapore Airlines, you also have Cathay Pacific! Then just to name a few, Scoot and Jet Star provides no fills flights to the fragrant port!

Hong Kong, a gem in North East Asia and I would say the sparkle in China. Hong Kong, a successful city with a troubled past and perhaps owe its success from being a past colony of the British Empire. This is also why I love this place so much, a mixture of the east and the west. Hong Kong would always hold a place among my top destination in the world, I am just that naturally attracted to its culture, the people, the food and of course the language! People in Hong Kong are Cantonese speaking and it holds a significant position even in business and government too. However English is widely accepted. I can’t count the number of times I have been to Hong Kong, but perhaps that you guys already know if you have been following this series, this time around, I have been trying something different, staying in another areas and also visiting some places that I hadn’t been to.

The idea of this trip of mine was to relax and rest from the bustling work that I had, which I had planned for it to begin and end with an amazing flight! For the whole of 6 days, it’s just eating and sightseeing! There is a downside perhaps to my plan, the heat was terrible, seemingly worse than Singapore, but still, exploring the streets markets isn’t something I would miss. A fresh one this time around would be visiting Fa Yuen Market, just round the corner of my hotel in Mongkok, as the name suggest, the market is located in Fa Yuen Street, selling all sorts of stuff, from food, fruits to the usually stuff like clothes, hand phone cover and counterfeits. I really love this market more than the Ladies Market which was just too touristy and awfully crowded, this market is also more spacious, making it so much better for browsing.

The Kowloon side speaks more of the history of Hong Kong, low buildings, a little rundown and dirty and also full of amazing foods, this side has its charm. While the Hong Kong Island is more of the central business district, the better developed side with towering skyscrapers, government buildings, but it has its own attractions too, with the Court of Final Appeal, hilly central district and the Soho area. Despite staying in Tsim Tsa Tsui during all my previous trip to Hong Kong, I have never really explored the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour, if you have never been here, you are really missing out. Victoria Harbour separates the Kowloon side from the Hong Kong Island, both places are in the same city but have contrasting culture and vibes. Victoria Harbour is really a gorgeous place, perfect for dates, the sea breeze and also accompanied by the HK Skyline that I ranked 1st! Even Singapore can’t match it, the neon lights and the boats, Perfect!

If you are a fan of Hong Kong TVB Drama, you will find many of the places here super familiar, from Tsim Tsa Tsui to Central. First up I went for a stroll on the Star of Avenue towards the clock tower and the star ferry. I irony that, I have actually not  been to the Clock Tower and the Star Ferry which make me kind of hype up at this point. I am so glad to see how place that I usually saw in the Drama were appearing in front of my naked eye!

Following on, I went to take the Star Ferry, from Tsim Tsa Tsui to Central, just like the drama it was perfect! Actually reminding me of the Scene in Moonlight Resonance where Linda Chung and Raymond Lam always took the ferry when on dates. Perhaps the cheapest ferry ride ever, it was a nice way of crossing the harbour, the most traditional way Hongkongers used to do so in the past, just a short 5 to 10 mins ride, but definitely enjoyable. A much more classy way than the MTR. I was also a little brought back to the 1990s Hong Kong.

After a short break and catching a rest from the sunny skies at the IFC Mall, which actually has the largest and I also believe the most crowded Apple Store, partially I believe due to the influx of China Mainland tourists. I slowly make my way towards The Peak. Yes, after about 5 years I have finally return to the “Shan Ding” in Hong Kong, The Peak is Hong Kong highest attractions and it is really nice, where after taking the steep tram up the views are impeccable, getting the amazing bird’s eye view of the harbour and the skyscrapers, contrastingly, now all those tall towers that I saw in the afternoon are now all shorter than me! The view really made all the effort to come up here worth it. Mid-Levels and The Peak are known as the most glamorous places in Hong Kong, with only the rich and affluent owning houses here. It is known that Jackie Chan stay here too. When land prices are that expensive, having a house here is simply only a dream for the plain working people. Just check out that view, I believe that anything or anyone would love to stay here!

I have gotten the 3 in 1 ticket, which besides the return tram tickets also include the viewing deck and the wax museum. Just check out some of my pictures from the viewing deck and the wax museum. The museum holds many wax figurine, from local here Jackie Chan and Andy Lau to world celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

How you guys enjoy some of the sights that I went to in Hong Kong, this trip isn’t really a sightseeing one but definitely more of an eating one. Do stay tuned for my upcoming lounge and flight review on the most amazing airline with the most amazing stewardess. I will also be doing a post on eating in Hong Kong!

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