Currency: Euro

Languages: Predominantly German

Tax Refund: Can be done when leaving the European Union


Bremen Town Hall

One of the finest in Europe and also part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Building work started in 1410 and it is seen as an important display of the wealth and freedom of the city. This ornate gothic town hall is a must see.

Theater am Goetheplatz

One of the oldest buildings in Bremen and is renowned for its austere look. Completed in 1913 in the neoclassical style, it is located in the cultural district to the east of the old town.

Dom St Petri

This ornate 11th-century edifice, rebuilt in the 1800s. The towers also offer sweeping views of the city. The interior is impressive with some fine painted details on the ceilings. There is a treasury displaying the collection of the cathedral. Entrance is free but you have to pay 1 Euro to climb the tower.


A part of the city near the river. This street is famous for its 1920 architecture. It runs from the main square towards the river. There are many fine façades and courtyards all with large amounts of design detail. There is an impressive Glockenspiel that chimes at regular intervals


A beautiful, fairly large park right in the middle of the city, which has a little Central Park vibe to it. Have a drink in the Emma Café, rent a boat and paddle around the many little rivers. Nice place in the afternoon.


Schnoor is a neighbourhood in the medieval centre of the German city of Bremen, and the only part of it that has preserved a medieval character. You can also find many handicraft product here.

Wallanlagen Park

In between the city centre and the train station, It is built in the 18th century on the site of the city’s walls, this park features sculptures & a moat. It is ideal for enjoying a walk, taking in the views.

Beck’s Brewery

The Brauerei Beck, Bremen most famous beer is made just across the river, near the city centre. A visit to the brewery is definitely in order for the behind the scene view. Visitors can see the ingredients store and brewhouse, the malt silos, and the fermentation and storage tanks. Tours are conducted from Mon to Sat and cost 13.90. Reservations are recommended. Open from Mon to Sat.


Flohmarkt Bremen

Located behind the central station, this flea market is only open on Sun from 4am to 2pm so do come early. It is a nice place to snack up some cheap stuffs. It have long been a sun thing for more than 25 years.