There is no doubt that Hong Kong is one of the culinary destination in the world there is so much history and culture to explore in this aspect. There is way too many things to eat here. You should check out my itinerary and all the different pins that I have on my Google Maps. You will never go hungry in Hong Kong. The blend of Asian and Western cultures that you can see in their Cha Chan Ting is such a unique thing in the world. I have decided to cover my food adventures in the city since the previous post is too lengthy. Besides this, do check out my review of AKI M Gallery and The Park Lane as I dine at the hotel and visited the whisky bar as well. I do have to say that eating out is a little more pricey if you are comparing Singapore and Hong Kong. Expect to shell out around 50 to 100 HKD for a simple meal. It can go up to thousands if you are looking at doing some Michelin Fine Dining. Let me share some of the stuff that I ate in Hong Kong!

Eating in Hong Kong

One Michelin Star Wanton Noodles from Ho Hung Kee

One Michelin Star Dim Sum from Luk Yu Tea House. This place is established in 1933 and is known for its colonial and retro vibes. It is very authentic!

One Michelin Star Yakitori from YardBird! Awesome vibes at this spot in Sheung Wan! One of the best yakitori I had outside Japan.

Dim Sum from Ding Dim 1968! Affordable and delicious!

Roast meats! The classic Hong Kong options. That roast goose and char siew is salivating. I got me from random spots around the city! Besides the various famous ones, I will also recommend you to visit Joy Hing and Yung Tangerine Peel Roast Goose.

Another thing that you have to do is to visit a Dai Pai Dong! This is the perfect thing to do in the evening. Head to Temple St and check out one of the stalls. It is exactly like how things are in the TVB drama! I love it. Simple and fuss-free. Order a big bottle of Blue Girl Beer and a couple of hot dishes. Best to come here in huge groups! I love it!

Claypot Rice and Oyster Omelette. Another great combination in the evening. This is especially popular in the winter season.

I love Hong Kong Congee and one of the best places you can get is from Sang Kee Congee! This is hands down the best congee I had in Hong Kong. Sang Kee and Mui Kee are often said to offer the best congee in town. They are super crowded and popular. The stall is very small with only a couple of tables. Be prepared to wait! You have to order when you are queuing. I love how they give you some scallions and ginger with soy sauce on the side. Try them together with the congee for a different taste. It is very unique. I got the pork congee and a side of fish cakes. Marvellous! I am craving this right now! Very authentic!

Seafood in Cheung Chau

Mochi from Cheung Chau Ping Kee

Honolulu Cafe Egg Tart

Pineapple bun and Egg Tart from Kam Wah Cafe

Egglets from Mummy Pancake

Desserts or Tang Shui is a classic! Go for one of the spots around Causeway Bay!

I would also recommend Kai Kai Dessert in Jordan! There is always a queue here.


Here is all I managed to fit into my tummy during a week in Hong Kong. There is certainly much more places that I would love to try and dine at. Check out some of the hotels I stayed at on this trip, AKI HKHilton Garden InnThe Park Lane Pullman and The Hari. I dine at a couple of restaurants where I was staying and visited a whisky bar. I love the view from the restaurant and bar at SKYE. Come and eat with me! Don’t read this when you are hungry. Can’t wait to feast again when I am back in town.