The next part of my trip got me to Malaga where I will be based for the next 2 nights. Malaga is one of the major cities on the Costa del Sol and you certainly cannot miss it. It is also one of the main ways of entry in the region and the airport has a good number of international connections. One of the best Spanish city in southern Spain, Malaga have almost everything that you need, a historical city centre, parks, beaches and an amazing shopping scene. Follow me on my short stay in Malaga! I wish that I have more time in this city.

Getting Around 

I had a car and drove to places out of the city centre. Malaga is quite straightforward when it comes to this aspect. I also drove to the Gibralfaro to avoid hiking up the hill and parking is readily available here. You do have to be early though. We also drove to the Centro Comercial Larios Centro for some shopping. Parking up to 3 hours is free if you spend a min of 6 Euros at any shops. That is pretty much a done deal. Within the city centre, I simply explored on foot and Malaga city centre is very walkable.


I only had a full day in Malaga and time was tight but I do get a good sight of the entire city. I did not have much plan for the city besides walking and exploring the city centre. I also managed to visit both the Malaga Cathedral and the Gibralfaro, two of the attraction in the city. Malaga has one of the most bustling city centres and it is lined up with restaurants, bars and shops. I had one of the best meals in my life at El Pimpi! The city was so lovely this time of the year and full of festive lights and decorations. Everyone was out to soak in the vibes.

There are even performances and celebrations all around the city! We were lucky to catch some sort of light shows near the cathedral and the main shopping avenue. Look at how nice it is. It must be crazy to experience this during the peak of the virus but it is time to live. And the Spanish sure know how to celebrate! I love it! While travelling during the peak season may bring certain challenges, this makes it all worth it.

You certainly can’t miss out on the Cathedral which is in the middle of everything and you will not miss it out. The cathedral was imposing and gorgeous. This iconic landmark is built in the 16th century and comes with a baroque facade.

I got a good look from my hotel pool area as well which offers another angle that makes it even more pretty when I am seeing it from the top. Do remember to have a look both in the day and at night!

Gibralfaro Castle is another attraction that you should visit when in Malaga. This hilltop fort is built in the 14th century. The Moorish castle fortress was built for the defence of the city. I love exploring the various parts of the fortress and you can get an amazing view of the city and the surrounding areas. I love the Malaga coastline. Look at some of the pictures that I got here.

You can even see the local bullring from here.

Malaga is also pretty good for shopping. The main avenues in the city centre are lined up with all sorts of shops and you can find most brands that you can think of. It is a busy affair here especially on the days that I was here. Here are some other pictures of the city!


The only place that I will recommend in Malaga is El Pimpi! The best food that I ever had in Malaga and it is both a popular spot for tourists and locals. Do make a reservation ahead as they get rather full, even with the sheer amount of space that they have. There are both outdoors and indoor seats. The food is so good here and the price is amazing. So affordable. The only plan is to come here, overorder and try out some of their house wine! Bueno.

You can check out the menu here and here are some pictures of what we ordered! What a great New Year Dinner I had ya? We got an assortment of food! Everything was delicious especially the garlic prawns!


I really enjoyed my time in Malaga and I wish that I had stayed another night or so here. It is one of the major cities on the Costa del Sol and you have almost everything in town, a great number of attractions, fantastic restaurants and tapas bars as well as a bustling shopping scene. I would think that 3 days is about right here and you can even stay longer and use it as a base to explore other nearby little towns and cities. It is one of the major points on the Costa del Sol. I would wish to be back one day! Next up, up east and making our way towards Barcelona. Look forward to my stay in Alicante!