The Flying Log: Singapore Airlines SQ942 787 SIN – DPS New Regional Business Class

Little did I know how special this flight would come to be! if I had know that it is most likely my last premium flight or flight in 2020, I would have cherish it more, savour it more! It was an impromptu decision, made while I was driving, hopping on an opportunity where Krisflyer was having a one time special sale of 51% off certain awards. It was hilarious as lots of us, including those in the miles and points games thought that it is an error fare or the ticketing system have gone bonkers. Why on earth are award tickets so affordable! I still remember that South Africa destinations were only coming in a around 20 ish thousands. Shrugging off my foolishness of not keeping a sizable stash of miles in my KF account, dragging along my good friend, I could only issue a Bali, Denpasar ticket at 9310 Miles and 49.80 SGD in tax. I was still excited, the thought of being able to try out the new 2018 RJ Business Class seat on SQ which I had miss out previously to Manila for an equivalent of 193 SGD given how I value KF miles, this is exciting. Later on, it turn out to be a special sale since it is Krisflyer 21st anniversary! Oh well! I am currently writing this post while being stuck at home due to the COVID pandemic which has greatly brought travelling to ground zero, this makes this review even more memorable and definitely makes me remise about the fun of flying!

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