Peking to Beijing: Great Wall of China at Mutianyu

The idea behind making a trip to Beijing was definitely the Great Wall of China. Hearing and seeing it on virtual numerous times, I am really inclined to catch it in person, with my naked eye. That’s how I am, Pompeii, Trevi Fountain, Grand Canyon. I have always been super interested to catch some natural wonders in the world after seeing it on screen. Somehow it makes me interested. Great Wall of China was definitely that. Furthermore, I think it is one of the new 7 Wonders of the World? A day trip was definitely on the books just for the Great Wall. The Great Wall is also one of the main tourists attractions for tourists in Beijing, with the other being the Forbidden Palace. It does seems like years of TVB Drama and movies sure ignited my curiosity mind into this 21,196 KM long fortification built since 7th century to defend against invasions.

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Peking to Beijing: Siji Minfu Peking Roast Duck Restaurant 四季民福烤鸭店

Being in Beijing, of course you must have the most famous dish in the city, Peking Duck. The fact that the duck is named by the city proves everything. Where there are the famous London Duck or Hong Kong roasted delight. Peking duck thrives in Beijing, China where there are more priced for their skin rather than the meat. This is perhaps why Peking Duck is so marvelous. Peking duck, a dish from Beijing that has been prepared from the imperial era. You can also delight your eyes with the dish usually being sliced in front of the diners by the cook. The crispy skins are usually paired with thin pancakes and cucumbers. After making the decision to travel to Beijing, same it goes for the hunt, of the best Peking Duck in town!

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Peking to Beijing: Prime Hotel Beijing Wangfujing

Beijing International Airport is one of the most airy one in the world, immediately after landing, I can start to feel how stuffy the place is, especially in this time of the year where beijing is so hot. Beijing Summer is really no joke! The immigration process is pretty well thought out. Although for any new visitors, you will have to go to a automated kiosk to log in your fingerprint, after that you can head to the counters, although there was a queue, it is moving rapidly, given how many counters are in operations. We then collected our bags and head towards getting a cab. Taxis or cabs here are call “Si Zhao Che” which literally means private hire cars. Although you can take the mrt or buses, taxis are your best bet, they are cheap and efficient. A journey cost about 100 Yuan to the city centre and take about 45 mins. After much research, I have chose to stay in Prime Hotel Wangfujing, a 5 star hotel located at the northern end of Wangfujing and also walkable distance to a metro station.

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Peking to Beijing: Singapore Airlines SQ802/807 A380 SIN – PEK – SIN Economy Class

Singapore Changi Airport is always a gem to transit or depart from, the experience is fuss free and immigration was a breeze, especially in the early morning. It is a shopping destination as well. However, do note that security is at each individual gates, so do cater some time for that! Previously, I mentioned that I was departing from Changi Airport Terminal 3 for my flight to Beijing, it was an awfully early departure and in fact, I have to be at the airport at 6am. Thankfully, the airport is so accessible in Singapore, and in fact, it is literally mins from my house, since I stay in the east. I was kinda excited for the upcoming flight since it has been so long that I have flown on Singapore Airlines Economy Class that I literally can’t remember when was the last time that I have done so. I will be also looking forwards to see how they square up to Emirates.

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Peking to Beijing: SATS Premier Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 3

I have previously did a comparison of Priority Pass lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 3 as part of my previous trip report that I did back in 2017. Do check that out if you are keen to have a summary of the lounges offering in Terminal 3. This time around, since I was flying out of Terminal 3 towards Beijing, I took on the chance to check out the SATS Premier Lounge in detail this time round. Personally, I think that it is the best Priority Pass Lounge in this terminal. Tons of credit cards in Singapore now offers Priority Pass access, from probably about 2 access per year to unlimited ones. The advantages, more people have access to such lounges, free drinks and food, while on the other side, these lounges aren’t as special as it used to be, and the trend seems to be such that there are always on the crowded side. My flight depart at 8.45am in the morning, which means that I have to be at the airport way before even the sun rises. Thankfully, my house is less than 10 mins away from the airport, and at this timing, traffic is barely a thing.

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Peking to Beijing: Introduction


Welcome to the next trip report of mine! Sorry that I have took this long to share about this trip of mine! While I went to Beijing back then in August. I am trying to finish up the previous trip report before embarking on this new one! Beijing have been on my mind for quite some time! Of course, for those who know me well, they will know that I constantly like to travel to new places, reaching new milestones in travelling. Then there is the Great Wall of China! A place that I have always been fascinated about and perhaps after seeing so many stories about it in shows, dramas, I guess, it is time for me to check out in person! With the plan to see the Great Wall in mind, I planned a trip to Beijing!

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Trip de Americae: Singapore Airlines SQ007 777-300ER ICN – SIN Business Class

Welcome to the last part of this Trip de Americae Series, it is sure nice if there is someone still following from my introduction post till today. Writing this right now actually gave me so much feels on this amazing trip that I took back last year. Continuing from my previous post where I was at the SilverKris Lounge in Incheon, it is now time to head on to the last and final flight for this trip, my ticket back home to Singapore, SQ007. This is going to be a rather short review since my experience was rather similar to the flight that I shared earlier from LA to Seoul! So check out my previous post for a more indepth review. However I do still want to share my thought on this flight and the crew specifically.

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Cathay Pacific New Year Present 2019: Business Class at $675 and First Class at $1000 Here are my take on Error Fares!

Update: Cathay have decided to honor the fare!

While the world usher in fireworks, celebrations and reflections on New Year Eve or New Year Day, here is what have been making waves in the Airline Industry or perhaps the mind of season travellers. Cathay Pacific New Year Present to us, for a great 2019. Business Class tickets at $675 or even better, First Class tickets at $1000 from Vietnam to most Cathay Pacific US destinations! This definitely makes 2019 a very good start of mine. While I don’t usually post about such stuff, this time around it is a little different, since I actually managed to get one of the tickets myself. Anyone else in Singapore managed to do the same? HIT ME UP! The deal was in fact too good to be true and it reeks of an error, by, yours truly, Cathay Pacific themself! Or perhaps Happy New Year from Cathay Pacific. I would just like to briefly share my thoughts on the ticket and error fares in this post. As right now, together with others, we are all anxiously awaiting the announcement of Cathay, whether they will honor the fare!


Cathay First Class, Picture from Cathay Pacific


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Trip de Americae: Silverkris Lounge Incheon Airport

Shortly after deplaning, we had to go thru a security screening before entering the transit area! I was in a desperate need to get a shower after being in the air for more than 13 hours, feeling sticky and all after the journey. Thankful security was a breeze, we arrive late and night and got to deplane ahead of the other passenger. Incheon Airport is constantly one of the best in the world, competing with MY CHANGI AIRPORT and I am interested to see how different it will be after last being here back in 2012! The lounge is a short walk away and on the fourth level, next to the China Eastern Lounge and Korean Air Lounge. Do note that this lounge is due to be closed from 18 Jan 2018 till further notice. Trust me. It is definitely in need of a renovation! Seems like the review might not be relevant anymore, but I will just share a little on my thoughts here.

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