A visit to the States can’t go without a breakfast at a classic old fashion American Diner. This is definitely the way how the locals do it. Something part and parcel of their daily life, like the Cha Can Ting in Hong Kong and the Hawker Centre and Coffee Shop that we have here in Singapore. On the day before I left New York City, I just went into any diner across the street from my hotel and that turns out to be The Comfort Diner. Certainly look like it came out from some retro hollywood movie scene it was warm inside. Pretty crowded as well! As per the norm, people in groups are sited along the walls while the solo diners choosing to sit at the bar. Then you have the waitress roaming the place to offer coffee refills to empty cups.

The menu is varse and have plenty offerings, a tough choice would be choosing what to order when you are at a diner. There was nothing to speak of on the decor since everything seems to be from the previous era. Although that is another aspect of the charm itself. It was a slow thanksgiving sunday, although the crowd slowly peak up later on!

While the lone diner will always sit by the bar, reading the papers and enjoying their cup of joe in the morning. Classic Americans!

I got a Womlet which is this diner specialty. You got to love how Americans do their breakfast. It seems to revolves around a couple of things, eggs, bread, cheese, bacon and yet they can come up with so many different variations and specialty. The Womlet is actually a huge omelet with much ingredients piled on top of a freshly made waffle. It came at 15 Dollar. Oh heck! The portion is so huge. It was extremely filling as well. It came with sausages, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese.

We also got an classic american to share that cost 8 Bucks. It came with eggs any style, toast and home fries. I love how they did the potatoes which were actually cubed. It taste tender on the interior and yet charred on the outside. I appreciate that the poached eggs were peerfectly executed, which so many places tend to get something so simple wrong.

While my mum being my mum was craving for something soupy and asian, so Chicken Noodle Soup was her choice. It came at 6 Buck.

Of course seeing what the other ordered, we couldn’t resist ordering a side of Bacon to snack on. That came at 3 bucks and it was the most generous portion I have ever seen! You got love how the locals do Bacon! This could in fact be called bacon chips!

The Comfort Diner

214 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017, USA

All in all, this is a place for some classic american food if you are nearby. Nothing special, but definitely comfort food for the soul. I enjoyed the meal and the service is pretty okay. Somehow I guess the service standard in USA is much better than in Europe. Probably due to the tipping! Following on, stay tuned to my sharing of the Big Apple! New York City!

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