A great Star Alliance alternative will be the chic Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge that is nearby. If you are travelling with a Star Alliance ticket or a holder of a member frequent flyer program, this lounge might be a good choice in comparison to the Lufthansa offerings. The Maple Leaf Lounge is on the second level as well, located near the Mcdonalds. The lounge opens as well at 6am. I was there bright and early. It is definitely one of the better moments for me to check out the lounge fresh and bright. Definitely the perfect moment as well for me to snap all the pictures while the crowd isn’t around. This is a good offering in comparison to the frequent overcrowded lufthansa lounges. I love that the Maple Leaf Lounge have such a chic exterior and entrance.

Immediately after entering the lounge there is a nice figuring of the sleek Air Canada Model aircraft which is so gorgeous. I was welcomed into the lounge upon presenting my boarding pass. The lounges uses much warm and dark colors that look extremely inviting. It is slightly more private and exclusive vibes in comparison. However do note that this lounge is a shared First Class and Business Class lounge, so there is not any exclusive area for the First Class passengers.

I would say that this is definitely a much nicer and step up for the Business class passengers in Frankfurt Airport. Definitely much nicer than the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge that I have seen much earlier! The showers were near the attendant desk and the entrance of the lounge. I took the opportunity to take a look at one of them and oh god, they were chic and sleek. In fact, it look much nicer than the ones that I used at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge earlier.

I then take a look at the refreshments of the lounge. The front part of the lounge is where the buffet is located including a stretch of more proper dining tables. I luv it that that the lounges uses colors of their companies and the country. Breakfast was served at this timing and there were many offerings. You can find the typical american breakfast, cold cuts, yogurts, fruits in a very nice circular buffet station. And then beside it you can find some pastries, scrambled eggs, soup, muffins and other carbs. Of course! You can’t go without some bottles of Maple Syrup! This is very much on par as the Senator Lounge that I have been!

Drinkwise, it seems that the offering is much more limited and of a lower standard than the Lufthansa Senator lounge but definitely the par as the Business Class lounge! You can find some juices, water, wine and of course beer fountain again! None of them were individual bottled though!

Next I shall move on to the lounging area of the lounges. Let me say this again that I really really love the decor of the lounge. It was fresh, snarky and vibrant! It felt new and glamourous. So much better than the plain looking Lufthansa Lounges in comparison. This place was new as well. The main centerpiece of the lounge is this square looking like seating area that just look like a designer furniture shop! Sofa seats surrounds the artificial partition that acts like a little buffer, meant to increase privacy. Then there were arm chairs and wooden tables as well. Some of them look like a tree bark or maple leaf, which is really a nice touch back to their roots. Then in the center of this area. There is a glass like decoration that look like a camp fire of sorts. It really made me felt inviting and homely looking at it. I guess it just create a vibes that you are in a very nice local canadian house, sheltered from the cold outside.

Surround the main seating area were more seatings, of the usual lounge chairs, the lounge also had views of the tarmac and the outside area, which I guess when the sun is out, the lounge will have a total different feeling. I am sure it will be bright and vibrant then, making use of the natural light. Sadly, it is still dark outside.

The last place that I would really like to share about the lounge was these couple of personal, semi open cubicles that looks like a sleep pod or personal area. Inside then were warm lightning as well as a tv and headphones. Inside them were a inviting armchair which were really works for me last night, instead of just sleeping on a cold hard bench. I believe that these pods would be very good to have some me time and take a rest.

Overall, I find this lounge to be gorgeous and pretty, much better than the Lufthansa offering. If you are a business class passenger, this is where to be! Skip the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge. While I can’t say, I hope that the lounge don’t get crowded in the later part of the day! I find it on par with the Senator Lounge, which really speaks something since the Maple Leaf is actually a business class lounge. However the refreshments at the Senator Lounge is still a little better. I am amazed by the offering Air Canada provides even at an outstation, can’t wait to experience the Maple Leaf lounge at their hub!

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