After spending the weekend in Rome, I was off to to Siena. An UNESCO World Heritage City in the heart of Italy lush Tuscany Region! The little medieval brick city famed for the red roof is a popular place for its cuisine, arts and medieval landscape! Numerous tourists come here to view the amazing shell shaped town square, Piazza del Campo. It is a city that you should never missed when travelling in central Italy! My bus ride to Siena took about 3 hours which is around the same time as the train, but at a much lower price! The train station is around a 20 mins walk to the city centre although it is pretty steep, a bus would be recommended, costing only 1.20 Euros. Siena is also a popular place for the Palio horse race, which happens twice a year!

Siena city centre is pretty compact. It is very walkable, you can in fact get from both side of the city in around 30mins? I found I Tetti di Siena a nice bed and breakfast just 5mins away from the Piazza del Campo. It is also just in front of the main bus stop in town, this provide easy access to the train station. I Tetti di Siena also known as The Siena Roofs is a pretty awesome bed and breakfast! Besides having a good location which I shared on a little above, the price point is awesome as well! I paid 45.75 Euros per night for a double room. That is pretty perfect considered that it is one of the better ones that I stayed in during my trip. As mentioned, the bed and breakfast is only a throw away from the bus stop and around the Piazza Giacomo Matteotti which is the main transportation hub there. A conad supermarket is also only just around the corner, which is useful for getting any necessity that you might need.


My room is located on the second floor. I love that the bed and breakfast is designed something like a home. In the lobby and on the common area of the second floor, it is like a living room with nice sofas, book etc etc. It is really lovely! The place was really spacious.

My room was just located around the corner and it was huge, it is really spacious. In fact one of the largest I had around this trip! After entering, the toilet was on the right and it is spacious as well. There is the sink which was in a little long rectangular shape, then there was also the shower area. I love that the place offer an actual hair dryer instead of those that were fix to the wall, which are really annoying to use! The water pressure was decent as well, which is a thumbs up. Coming from Rome where I was suffering from the sheer size of the toilet, this is sure a great improvement! I love that they had a towel warmer rack as well.

Then in the room, there was sort of a combination of table and mini bar area where they provide a coffee machine. There was also a small bottle of water that is given on the table. Then next to it is the wardrobe. The whole place just felt very modern Italian style! It felt homey! The whole place was decked out in white mainly with the sheets for the bed being some light green. It just has a home vibes! I love that the bed is an actual double king bed. Not some crappy two single bed that is join together. I like that the bed is pretty comfy and the pillows were actual ones.

I Tetti di Siena is a pretty decent place to stay at. The price is good, the location is good. The people are friendly and the room is spacious. I only have one complain, which is the unbearable wifi that they have. It is barely usable at all. There was no connection and for most of the time I will have to head out of my room to get any internet. This is surely one side that they are able to improve on. I will definitely no mind staying here again if I am ever in Siena again!

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