Hey Peeps, I am finally in Frankfurt a city that I have spoke about it for so many times and so long. Oh I am flying to Frankfurt, Oh I am transiting in Frankfurt. Huh, I have even spend the night at the airport like a hobo now! It is a city that I have frequently talk about but never once on my list since it kind of seems like a modern european city. I mean it is like Singapore, with all the skyscrapers. But after all, I am sure that I will be here one day since my favourite airline, SQ flies here frequently, it is also a transit stop for the flights to New York City! Well, it is pretty nice and in fact the german city that I will choose to migrate to, I will keep my thoughts on it in a separate post. German cuisine is probably not one of my favourite since it is too heavy and over reliance on meats, sorry my German friends. However, I still decide to share this very traditional gasthaus with you guys, Zum Germalten Haus. I honestly felt that it was the best meal that I had in the whole of Germany! Zum Germalten Haus is located in a very hip quarter of the city. It is famous for the Apple Wine or Apfelwein.

Zum Germalten Haus is located in the Saxton Quarter which is located across the river. It is kind of a hidden restaurant actually, not really on any guides or anything. One of my friends actually recommend it to me. Located out of the touristy area or the city centre. It is roughly around a 10 to 15 mins walk from the river and the Eiserner Steg. Being out of the typical area also means you see more of the locals and get a fairer pricing as well.

The area that the restaurant was in was quirky and seems different. Seemingly the exterior of Zum Germalten Haus seems to be in place as well. It was colorful and had green doors. It definitely didn’t seems like a restaurant after all. It definitely seems quiet on the outside despite me coming at the lunch time! However inside speaks a different story. The restaurant was pretty huge, with both inside seatings as well as outside. Thankfully a table was available. As per the norm, the party gets started early in Germany, you can see people having drinks and food. And they definitely doesn’t stop at one glass. On the bar you can also find the staff preparing pints and pints of Apple Wine. One of the perks dining here was definitely the smell of apple in the air!

Everyone also definitely seems to have a glass of the authentic apple wine on their table. The menu have a huge selection although as per the norm, most revolves around pork and beef. Upon the server recommendation, I got the German Style Pork Chop with Sauerkraut and Bread. It is going at 10 Euros. I find the price fair for the place. Since I am not a fan of  the sauerkraut the waiter very nicely agreed to change for me. I opt for the mashed potato instead. I honestly have no expectation going in. I was really amazed and shocked by the dish when it arrived. Now I know what is Pork Chop the German style!

It is actually boiled in a stock. Simple as that! What came was a thick slab of pork chop, it is those inbone type which was more flavourful. Just look at that slab, it must have been about an inch thick! I was expecting it to be kind of bland since I assume the locals will love to eat this with the mustard that they love! But oh man, it was flavorful and tasty. By cooking it this way, you also get the natural flavour from the meat. The mash potatoes were creamy and starchy. Which I really love. Somehow I have been eating it like bangers and mash, Dennison style! What an amazing experience, it is still virgin experience having a pork chop this way! There isn’t any sauce to go with but the dish was still polished off all by yours truly!

And of course, I had the apple wine to go with. Is it just me that I think the Germans are brilliant! Everyone knows that apple and pork are the best partners in the world. This is  so amazing. While I stop at one only since the sun is still shining brightly, I can see those pints just getting served off the bar. Furthermore a pint only goes for 1.90 Euros. Now you can see why! They are pretty potent too! So go slow!

Hope you all love this restaurant! Check it out when you are ever in Frankfurt! The pork chop was really mind blowing and special. Surely a novelty for me!

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