Sawadikap: Introduction

Sawadikap! Mak Mak! Khob Khun Krab! Can you now guess where Seeing The World In Steps is visiting next? After much deliberation and taking advantages of a sudden hotel promotion, I have finally decided on the next place to go. Wanderlust embeds in me! I am always on the look out to travel, only if my bank and leave balance can keep up with those travelling cells running in me right? As it turn out, I have actually much leave left, definitely can’t waste it and stay in Singapore right, thoes cells will definitely fight it ah! One of my cabin crew friend always say, she literally walk to all her destination, but for me, this is one place that I would really like to slow down the pace, taking it in slowly and have a relaxing time seeing Bangkok in steps. Food, message, sleep, yes this are all I am planning to do for this 5 days in Bangkok. Probably I would love to visit The Grand Palace also, since I hadn’t been there despite my numerous time in Bangkok! What a way to start sharing about this new place in STWIS. Erwan Shrine will also be a definitely visit for all my Bangkok trip. I will share the main highlights that I have plan for this trip and also some of the products that I will be reviewing.


Plaza Premium Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

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Down Under In Mel: Emirates EK405 A380 MEL – SIN Economy Class

Melbourne International Airport is near to the city, connected by both the Skybus or taxis to the CBD area. If you guys still remember the first episode, I mentioned that I chance upon a deal on Emirates where my round trip ticket is only 588 Singapore dollars. Emirates is one of the special foreign airline that flies to Melbourne directly from Singapore. Singapore is a little like their hub for this route where they fly from Dubai to Singapore and then to Melbourne. Together with the bling and gold, Emirates actually represent a better deal then my dear Singapore Airlines this time around. Emirates actually sent you a email offering an upgrade to Business Class for 500SGD when the flight isn’t full. While unnecessary for a middle haul flight, some might give it a try. I took a cab to the airport and arrived slightly short of 4pm for my 6pm flight. The ride here was smooth and the car was comfortable. Given that I was a little sad to say goodbye and Melbourne International Airport did not have any lounge that is associated with Priority Pass, I make sure not to arrive too early since I would not have any lounge to visit. Priority Pass seriously need to up its presence in Australia!


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Best Credit Cards For Saving Miles in Singapore!

I have actually been planning for my epic epic out of this world trip to Europe next year after I leave my service in the Air Force. It would be an extraordinary one with my flying suites on Singapore Airlines to Europe then to the States. SQ Suites is one of the greatest way to fly in this world. The Suites is detrimental to the aviation industry and one of the milestones when launched in the past, certainly it is also the best way to fly across the atlantic. Only available onboard the A380 jumbo jets, it cost 110,000 Miles one way from Singapore to NYC while from Frankfurt it cost 67,500 Miles. Furthermore you get a 15% discount off when making the booking online. It is worthy to take note that Singapore Airlines Suites/First Class are absolutely exclusive, it is probably only possible to redeem through SQ owns Krisflyer membership! While there had been many articles and tips on miles accrual overseas, especially in the states, there hadn’t be a useful one for locally in Singapore.


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Down Under In Mel: Melbourne

Melbourne, such a great fine city to be in! Regardless for travels or a stay to move to, it just got to be top on your list! After all it is a proven track with people from all over the world coming over and making it their home. Even a long known friend of mine from primary school had made the decision back a decade to move over and he has totally been fascinated, enjoying the far more relaxing and slower pace of life that we have here. The flexibility and also the quality of life also seems more desirable down under. Even without making a life changing decision yet this fine world most desirable city to live in still deserve a visit first from you! For the Singaporeans here first, it is only a short 6-7 hours flight away. Just some slight tips for you guys before I start sharing about this fine city. Australia takes immigration and customs issues very seriously, the type of products that you bring in are closely look at to ensure the contamination and also the natural fine industry they have and also almost everyone needs a visa to enter Australia. Lands are huge with distance to match and given the higher standard of life, prices are also more expensive than Singapore. Now let me start to summarise my thoughts and a overlook of Melbourne itself.


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Down Under In Mel: Krimper Cafe

A warehouse stocked with food? I literally mean like freshly bakes, poached eggs, avocado and a warehouse that smells of coffee? Your answer is right in the heart of Melbourne, right on Guildford Lane! You do actually have to screen the tiny laneway with your hawk eyes to find out actually where the cafe is. One of the greatest things about bars, cafes in Melbourne are the location their are housed at, with many in the numerous laneway that the city have in town. They simply hide in plain side and you will never realise how it’s like from the outside. It may seems desolated and quiet with totally no traffic on the outside, but once you enter them, it is a totally different oasis of itself. That is actually the case that I had encountered here at the Krimper Cafe. I arrived slightly before 11am in the morning on a weekday. There was no one outside and it certainly took me some screening before noticing that little little blackboard on the ground and also the mini neon sign. Disguised into the surrounding, with the 1980s kind of metal and wooden planks warehouse doors. There was even a punty Strictly No Admittance and All Enquires At Office wordings on the entrance. You just gotta push open and let your eyes be surprised.


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