Down Under In Mel: Winter Night Market @ Queen Vics

In the previous episode, I had covered the normal Queen Victoria Market on a normal market trading day. However, if you are in town in the winter season, you are definitely in for a surprise and special treat. Only opened on Wednesdays in the couple few months, it is a highly popular event in town, with many of the locals flocking to it, besides great food and vibes they would also socialise it with the warm ambience inside. Seemingly in the quiet city at night where all the shops and stores are closed, down in that shed of the market the noise never stops, accompanied with it, the smell of food! Given that Melbourne is a cosmopolitan with people from all over the world, the stalls were the same, there was food from all over the place, from Italian to Asian fusion food with bao replacing the burgers. A show case of the hospitality of Melburnians and the expats community the market is open from from July to August from evening till late. Dates may also change in accordance to each season.


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Down Under In Mel: The Hardware Societe

Hardware Societe or Breakfast Societe? This is hands down my favourite place out of the numerous cafes and restaurants that I have been to in Melbourne! From what I have heard to the actual dishes being savour by me, it really didn’t let me down and live up to it’s legendary reviews online! If there is a cult in the world that I am interested to join, I would choose to join this Breakfast/Brunch Societe cult straight away. In fact, everyone should join it, after all, who doesn’t love running yolks, crispy baguette where you can dunk into the savoury mixture of creamy potatoes and ch0rizo that gives it a slight kick. All together being paired with a selection of gourmet freshly brewed coffee! From the start this has always been the cafe that I really wanted to recommend to you, so glad to be finally starting on this post! Many would say Melbourne as a city of cafes and if it is, this is the King of the cafes! Totally ranked number 1 by yours truly! If you ask me which to go of you only have time for one, this is the one to go all out.


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Hopping Across: JB times Two @ Senibong Cove

Hopping Across! Nah! But this time around I actually did walk across the causeway and to Johor Bahru. It may really seems like a stone throw away from our coast, but it got to be really a hell of a throw! Previously, in the last post of my day trip to JB I have briefly covered about the different ways you could travel there from Singapore, but actually another one would be simply by relying on your legs. After all it only takes some steps on the method of transportation given by god! Yes in fact, you could walk along the bridge from Singapore to JB, with the bikes and cars zooming past you. Compared to the usual long wait for the bus to ferry you, this may actually be faster. The long q is also the one that makes me and my friend to just walk. Just follow the peoples in front of you and you will be in Malaysia in about 10 to 15 mins. Definitely not for the weak legged! LITERALLY SEEING THE WORLD IN STEPS RIGHT! BUT JB NIA! For this time around, the trip was actually centred around Senibong Cove! My friend had a newly constructed condo there and we decided to do ourselves a little 2D1N mini vacay!


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Down Under In Mel: Driving XC60 in Melbourne

This is actually my very first time driving in a foreign country! I’m sure that driving overseas is one of the top items on a Singaporean mind, especially those avid drivers. No speed limit, long straight roads and no traffic. These are actually not a wild man fantasy but actually really happens in the real life, not always, but it happens. Let me share a little on my take in driving overseas. I am also very fortunate to have a local friend whom gave me a little tip and also details on driving in Victoria. Before I get into the real adventure let me give my take on renting cars first. First there are the huge brands like Hertz, Avis and Europcar! Renting from these companies usually provides you with frequent flyer point and also a great after sales service, they are also more transparent with the rules and they also have their own loyalty membership. Then there are the other small rental companies that you can rent from such as a budget company call Sixrentals. Being the first time and after comparing prices, I actually went for Europcar, I find it to be fair in their pricing and a balance between the quality and also the rental fee. I even get to earn miles on it. Furthermore, their after sales service are great, which helped me a lot, since I actually ran into some issue after my rental. I would share in details later on. Now, this is how I ended up in to this safe, comfortable work horse car, Volvo XC60!


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Down Under In Mel: Forage on the Foreshore @ Port Campbell

If you guys are planning a trip to the Twelve Apostles you will definitely know that the only establishment or town nearby would be Port Campbell. This also makes a great place nearby to rest, grab a decent meal and go around doing your business. Practically the only town where there would be shops and restaurants and also help if you ever need it. Pretty, sandy, pier and sea gulls, there you have it, Port Campbell fits the typical coastal town that you have ever imagine. The slow pace of life, where the locals wake up when the birds start chipping and head home when the sun goes down, spending their day working nearby or running a little small business in town. When it is the weekends or holidays, they would most likely be with their family, cooking a meal at home, taking a stroll by the coast and playing with the kids running on the beach. Say about that work life balance, something that we lack so much here. Most of the shops and restaurants here are along the stretch facing the pier and the beach. The locals are also proud and engaging, promotion and sharing stories from this small little town that they love so much. Along this stretch, parking are widely available and you probably won’t need to pay for it, just make sure you don’t hinders others and block the traffic. Even the parking lots have great impeccable views of the vast ocean.


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