Down Under In Mel: Great Ocean Road & 12 Apostles

Great Ocean Road also known as B100. It is the one journey where it can be hailed as the Top 10 Road Trip to take or even number 1 in Australia. It’s visited by uncountable tourists and locals to drive along this 243km long stretch of winding roads along the coast, boosting magnificent views of the pacific ocean and also through the lust greens of Victoria state and the small little costal towns. Starting from Torquay all the way to the Allansford. Besides the many outlooks and attractions along the way, mostly hugging the coast lines where you get the most amazing seaview straight down the rugged cliff the road you are on to the main attractions of your journey! The Twelve Apostles!


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Down Under In Mel: Winery Hopping In Yarra Valley

Let’s just say! The moment I started drinking, probably at a tender age of 16! Oops! I had started with wine and being young and curious, I would always wonder how wines are made, how did this beverage that won the hearts of people worldwide came from? Then I began researching about how they are made, the fermentation process, from the vines to the bottle of wine. After much drinking and perhaps a little of drama and seeing the gorgeous pictures of vineyards and the lobs and lobs of grapes, going to a winery and seeing the vines for myself has always been on my mind! I even had a wild moment of thinking of being a sommelier or even a wine maker, although a vacation job seems more likely! It has always said that a journey is always the best way to learn! This virgin winery visiting of mine is definitely gonna be a new elevation in my knowledge and appreciation of the notes and taste of the wine in the future. Let me share on the amazing, fruitful, picturesque and educational journey of mine in Yarra Valley, the go to places for wines in Melbourne.


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Down Under In Mel: Brighton Beach

Travel for pictures, travel for Instagram ? Doing what others have been doing? Sometimes people really just do it for the sake of doing it and because what others have been doing. There are times where I really find it extremely humorous and comical! Especially when I do it too. Travelling has never been the same as the past. Now you see the usage of hashtags and the power of social networking sites changing how travel is right now. Me myself have been such a person too! Supporting the Pisa Tower with your body! Siting on top of the Stairways to Heaven in Montserrat! In Melbourne, one of such happenings are the colourful little huts located on the beach. Known also as bathing boxes, located on Dendy Street Beach, I knew that I had to make a trip down here! Simply just to see it for myself and also TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH IT AND POST ON MY INSTAGRAM! These colourful little huts are just a short drive away and I definitely didn’t regret coming!


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Down Under In Mel: Hammer & Tong

Besides Hardware Societe, which I would cover soon in a review, the other two cafes that I really want to visit and try were Top Paddock and Hammer & Tong! As you have know, Melbourne can be said as the king of cafes, notwithstanding the ones you can find in the CBD area, there are many more to be discovered in the suburbs which might be a little inconvenient without driving. Both these two are a little out of the city, with Top Paddock in Richmond and Hammer & Tong in Fitzroy. While I would save Top Paddock for my next trip to town, I pounce on the chance to have my brunch at Hammer & Tong right after collecting my rented car in the morning. With my Volvo, which literally means “I Roll” in Latin, I’m all ready to roll to Fitzroy for Hammer & Tong, which is a short 15 mins drive away. Here I come, my Soft Shell Crab Burger!


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