Down Under In Mel: Cutler & Co

On the previous episode, I mentioned that I was in Fitzroy for Lunch. Cutler & Co is one of the recommended restaurant to be in Melbourne. Located in Fitzroy, this award wining restaurant is as hype up as it’s surroundings. Chef Andrew McConnell helm this upscale Australian fine dining restaurant. The venue is in a gorgeous restored metal works factory. Placed in the nation’s top ten restaurants at the Gourmet Traveller 2014 Awards the interior is well finished with wood, steel top and high ceilings. It feels sleek, cool and stunning. It is also worth pointing out that the location is highly accessible.


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Down Under In Mel: Carlton Gardens, Royal Exhibition Building and Fitzroy

If you guys have been following STWIS for quite some time now,  you would probably have know that one of my dream in travelling and seeing the world would be to visit more or even all of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. One of the more laid back and well kept continent on the earth, Australia contains 19 sites and right in the heart of Melbourne lies the Carlton Gardens & Royal Exhibition Building. Being a Sunday, the plan was a laid back one. Right after the heavy meal at Manchester Press, of course, it’s a definitely to walk it all out, before the upcoming late lunch coming up. The free tram zone nicely end on the fringe of the gardens, with the great weather, it would be a nice little stroll thru the greens, admiring the building before setting out to one of the most vintage area, Fitzroy. This time round, I took the tourist tram to the Carlton Gardens, the route loops around the fringe of the CBD area, taking people on stops to the various attractions near the stops. There is even a pre recorded voice guide on the tram, giving tourists a little history. Such an touristy way today huh?


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Down Under In Mel: Manchester Press

Cafe and Melbourne, these two are intertwine! You can’t do but understand how both cafe and Melbourne relates to each other, from their lifestyle, culture and also their history. If you would to make a choice or a survey, Melbourne can definitely be deserving of the title “City of Cafe”! Without even touching on the food wise yet, this city is a one that is famed of their coffee, from the sustained farming on the beans to the cup of coffee that can be found in the numerous cafes found in town. One of the most famed are the Seven Seeds Speciality Roasters which many cafes uses. Another is the laid back culture, Melbourne definitely isn’t fast paced and for the rush, in fact, these people would find it boring. Many of these unique, special cafe are found in hidden alleys and off the bustling streets, perfect for the laid back morning or afternoon. It also represents some adventure in finding the perfect one for each other. After some research, some of them really interest me! On this particular day I had actually wanted to visit Hardware Societe which was really top of my list but after waking up late the queue was really long. However another surprise lies in wait thereafter.


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Hopping Across: Johor Bahru

Seemingly more and more Singaporeans now are heading over the border to our neighbour, Malaysia recently especially after the increase in currency difference. However, for some of the locals here, going pass the customs is more like a weekly task, getting fuel, necessities and perhaps some errands such as doing their hairs or nails. I would like to share a little on the day trip I took recently to Johor Bahru, hopping this would be useful for some locals and perhaps those passing by JB while en route for their holiday in Southeast Asia. I would recommend those whom hadn’t been there to try it! Let off some steam over there, certainly affordable for us and also a change of sight with the scene and it will fill your taste buds! For me, I have not been to JB for god knows how long, just to say, the last time I was there, they hadn’t renovated the customs and it is also not connected to the city square mall!


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Down Under In Mel: Friendships in Melbourne

What are your chances of meeting your friend at a place 3000 over miles away from home? Despite my little humble achievement of having travelled to 19 country and many more cities. I have never ever met any of my friends overseas till this trip. It definitely did hype up my Melbourne trip when I realise that one of my friend from poly would be there in town as the same time as me! I am really shocked and surprised but super excited too! That must be some luck though, same city, same airline, same flight number! Just short by a day, me arriving earlier and her coming back later. While another friend of mine, whom, wait for it, wait for it, whom I have not seen for a decade! Heard that I would be travelling to Melbourne, we immediately agreed to meet up! Such an awesome city for a little catch up right ?


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