Down Under In Mel: SATS Premier Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

Finally, here it is, the beginning of this brand new trip series, Seeing The World In Steps first step to the land of down under. This Travel Blog have been reaching some new milestone ah! For the very first step to Melbourne, it all starts with Singapore obviously. With my leave seemingly precious, I rushed home from work prior to heading to the airport for my flight at 10.40pm. Emirates leaves from Terminal 1 out of Changi Airport, despite being the oldest terminal in town, I’m sure it still ranks among the world best when compared overseas. HAHA, below I would like to showcase my brand new customised Passport Holder which I love a lot. Thanks Jamie. A traveller got to have his own customised one right?


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Down Under In Mel: Introduction

Australia, the land where I hadn’t had a chance to see in steps before in the past will soon be a check off the list! THIS MEANS SEEING THE WORLD IN STEPS WILL TRAVEL TO A NEW CONTINENT, NEW COUNTRY AND NEW CITY! All these with Melbourne 🙂 Sorry for the hiatus that I have been taking over the past month. Since finishing up writing about my Europe Trip the previous month, I have been busy planning for my “STWIS THEME” 21st Birthday party and also with this Melbourne Trip, but here I am back with this new trip series to share with you guys. My current philosophy would be to explore new places, trying new things and I definitely check those boxes with this upcoming trip to Down Under! It would be a total new milestone for Seeing The World In Steps, my humble Singapore travel blog. With this, I declare, I HAVE BEEN TO 19 COUNTRIES NOW!!!

Seeing The World In Steps’s Travel Map

Seeing The World In Steps has been to: Australia, People’s Republic of China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vatican, Vietnam.
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