2015 Europe Trip: Singapore Airlines 391 777-200 IST – SIN Business Class

10 Hours and 50 Minutes

FL350, 35’000 Feet in the Skies

Seat Size 30 Inch, 1-2-1, 12D

SQ391, Departing 1.50pm Arriving 5.00am

The final post in my EPIC EUROPEAN TOUR LAST YEAR! BY THE WAY THIS IS A GREAT GRADUATION TRIP! Part No. 47/47, I do hope that the readers that were there for the past will be here to read the last part in this series 🙂 Surely, I have taken my time to pen down my thoughts and reviews, busy with work and sometimes procrastinating some of the times too. Before I get right in the review, I shall make it a note first to say that I am really glad to see the progress of my blog, from telling my friends Jerome and Yillis that I will start writing till today, It’s been slow but the passion and fire in my for Seeing The World In Steps is still going strong! It will definitely be one of my dream to keep this “Singapore Travel Blog” going on! Since I have done several SQ Business Class review in the past, I shall try out something different and write in a different way, with some inputs from my friends on my writing style too! Hope you guys like it.


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2015 Europe Trip: Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge

Turkish Airlines, known as the best airline in Europe has won multiple awards in the area. Despite being a SQ Fan boy, I am definitely amaze at the amount of location it serve, over more than 280 destination, know you know how crowded Ataturk International Airport it can be. Turkish Airlines Business Class are also award wining, although I have yet to try them, SQ still win it in my heart. However I am keen to try out the Best Business Class Lounge in the World.


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