2015 Europe Trip: Charms of Istanbul & Safety

Practically the only place in this world that you could cross continents in a min! If you are looking for such fun. Istanbul is the place for you. Frankly speaking, I am not really a good person to go to for tips in this city, since this part of the trip turn out to be sort of a surprise for me! The answer to your question being the only country where the doubt to associate it being Asia or Europe would be Istanbul. Haha, you could definitely tell your friend that you are coming from Asia side to meet up in Europe.


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2015 Europe Trip: End Suites Hotel


Anyway, another happy news to share with you guys, gonna have a new trip review series in June soon! Seeing The World In Steps is gonna go to Melbourne. New Country New City!

Istanbul, left much expectation for me, keeping me awaiting too! It’s a city that I had never thought of going to practically in my life. Although, with that being said, Ataturk International Airport hadn’t been foreign to me! In my opinion, it has always been operating over it’s capacity and overcrowded, the queues are never ending whenever I am clearing customs while transiting both currently and two years ago on my trip to Europe also. To make it even worse, the airport announce whenever a plane landed, thus you practically hear Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines every 5 min while waiting in the queue. Istanbul, Turkey doesn’t really represent safe to me, especially even after the recent trouble by being next to Syria. Furthermore the country is desperately trying to join the EU which explains them trying hard in improving their standards, security and infrastructure. The public transport stills lack in depth and safety given my thoughts which explains why I have decided to opt for booking an airport transfer for my stay here! Costing about 25 euros each way, although pricey but safety is still my main concern here. Due to the flight delay, I was quite worried about the transfer! Once I left the airside, I was pretty shocked actually the crowd the traffic, pretty unexplainable.

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