2015 Europe Trip: Turkish Airlines 1854 A330 BAR – IST Economy Class


It’s been quite some time, finally, another flight review that I have done. Really much apologies for using so much time to finish up this trip series, but I do hope that you guys have enjoy it! Besides the logging down of my own travels, I also hope to share these fun and memorable experiences with you! I would also love for you guys to share them with me, we could even do a post together if possible. Finally, I am going to write about a flight review, been some time ah! Furthermore, this time will be even more special as it’s gonna be the first time that I will be reviewing Turkish Airlines. Cheers for another milestone, of course, deep deep in my heart, Singapore Airlines would always be my very best but I would love to review and experience as many products and airlines as possible. You only live once though. Seemingly not as well known or as hype as the 3 famous Middle Eastern airlines, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar, Turkish Airlines is actually the best European Airline and holds the award for world best premium economy class for 3 consecutive years! It is also the airlines with most destinations in the world, speaking about the ease on flying them. Istanbul, the gateway between Europe and Asia, Istanbul present the most perfect location for flight connection. With the expansion and the scale of Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Ataturk Airport have actually seem to be over stretching, awfully crowded! Although Turkish Airlines have a fantastic lounge there which I will cover soon too! Being a Star Airlines member flying Turkish become even more convenient for me !

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2015 Europe Trip: Barcelona

41.386730° N 2.169972° E

101.9 km² City Area

1.602 million Population

6753 Miles away from Singapore

Barcelona, the cosmopolitan representation city of Spain and also Catalonia. From the sunny and vibrant Madrid to the quirky and medieval Barcelona, these are the two most visited places in Spain and of course the representation for the country! From Luxury shopping, fine dining, the historical central Boqueria market to tiny tapas bar, you could find anything here and this fine city fits all sorts of travellers, from family oriented to the adventurous! Of course, we could not leave without checking out some of the products of the great architect Antoni Gaudí’s! If you ever ask yourself why Barcelona is so gorgeous when you first step foot in the city, he is probably the answer you are looking for! From the fantastic Sagrada Família unfinished church to normal streets and buildings, his legacy is everywhere.


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2015 Europe Trip: Tapa Tapa

Tapa, which also mean appetizer in English. The restaurant name literally translates appetizer appetizer! Appetizer or perhaps the Spanish equivalent, Tapas is a known cuisine by itself and there is so much to be learned from it! It may be an appetizer but it can definitely be a replacement for dinner, actually, even better than dinner! This is also one of the reason why I love Tapas so much, the portion aren’t huge and when sharing wth friends, you could even order many different kinds to share! There isn’t anything better than having some of the best local, subtle but definitely Catalan Tapas in Barcelona! With plates of Tapas, a glass of wine, friendship are forged and relationships are made! Tapa Tapa is a chain restaurant in Barcelona that serve up delicious authentic Tapas! some of the adventures of eating here include the great variation of dishes! The benefits of eating in a chain restaurants also means that the menu are likely to be cater towards the foreigners, menus in different languages will be provided and the locations are likely to be close to the city area and convenient with public transport. Many people think that such places are usually overpriced and lacking in depth, however, Tapa Tapa prices are fair and the food is definitely delicious!


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