A Milestone for Seeing The World In Steps: 2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,800 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 47 trips to carry that many people.

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A Getaway Above the Clouds: Genting Highlands

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE, although a day late, but still, this is the festive period! I am especially glad these few days, especially after I received news that a fellow traveller will be collaborating on a blog post together with me, so stay tuned for that special post to come! Taking a short break from my Europe series, today I would like to share with you my short getaway to Genting!

There are two ways to go around on a trip, the ultra planner type and the other being the grab the clothes, passport and off you go. These definitely come as the latter one. Due to enlistment and being clueless to how the training would be like, it’s actually extremely difficult for me to plan a trip in advanced. I have a sense that the next couple of trips during these two years will be kinda of last min too, since I have to get my leave approved first before being able to make any planning! Although do stay tuned as I will be planning a ULTRA BACKPACKING TRIP in two years time to Europe for 3 months followed by a holiday in the states with my parents, yes, I am intending to write on the go, pretty excited even at this time! After knowing that I am able to go somewhere during my one week of block leave, I went on to do some researching. I just need to get out of this country so desperately, life of an wanderluster! I just hate travelling during the peak period and school holidays! Air tickets and hotels are just so pricey and everywhere is so so crowded, gosh, even the customs are crowded.


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2015 Europe Trip: Renfe AVE High Speed Train MAD – BAR

Nope, there isn’t a airline called Renfe, neither is it a brand new airline that you hadn’t heard before! This post may be one of the unique ones where I am reviewing a train ride. Yes, travelling via train! With the technological advancement, train ride have definitely become desolate, especially in places such as South East Asia and the States, even in Australia people do not travel by Train. For most Singaporeans, train are a thing for the past, which reminds them of the old, noisy and stinky train from Singapore to Malaysia! Even though I love flying, within Europe I will most probably take and consider trains connection first! With many countries having open borders and well established train routes, travelling via train is such an effective way of getting around places! Actually, it is the preferred method of getting around Europe, even better than a plane ride! This is why sometimes plane tickets may be even cheaper than a train ticket. In Europe, train station are usually located in the hub of the city, usually right smack in the centre! With connections to the public transport it is easy! Rather than airports which are usually far from the city and requires costly connections! In Munich, a cab ride from the airport to the city cost upwards of 50 Euros! Thus it is important to factor the travelling cost when considering options! Another reason why people love trains is due to the efficiency of it! Basically you could just drag your luggage to the train, with liquids, alcohol and stuff, not like a plane and you just gotta be on time at the train station. Europe trains are rarely late, departing right on the dot, within mins.


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2015 Europe Trip:Eating in Madrid

Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, these are the usual cuisine that people usually think and go! Whenever a special occasion comes, people also go with these directions. Of course, I aren’t against any of them but perhaps for my personal favourite, Spanish Food always comes to my mind. Just to digress a bit, speaking of Spanish Food and Tapas in fact, are a gem to be found in Singapore, it is extremely hard to find quality and affordable Spanish food and Tapas in Singapore. Any simple tapas bar in Madrid would just beat all the Spanish food in Singapore hands down! Personally, being a Singaporean, Chinese food are too common but still best for meals together with family and it is just fun eating together. French food are high quality meals where the ambience, service, plating are plays an important part, I love them but the portion is just too little. Italian are nice but equals pasta oriented! Lastly, I don’t really love raw food thus Jap is out! Now back to Spanish, I have a feeling that it is the most understated cuisine in the world, hopping that more people would fall in love with them soon! Hearty, Variety, Herbs and Spice, and most importantly, the culture that they have just make me love it so so much, especially eating Tapas. I shall bring you through some of my food journey in Madrid!


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2015 Europe Trip: Madrid

One of my Top 5 cities in the world, Madrid is deer to me, there is just so many stuff that I love about Madrid, the lifestyle the culture the food and definitely the people and the place. Besides, I would actually choose Madrid over Paris as it gives me a more relax feeling while on holiday, Paris is just so crowded for me! While in Madrid, I can enjoy the slower pace of life, getting the best out of both worlds, the glamorous European lifestyle and also the cafe book reading like chilling. To be honest and pretty frank, after enlisting and also typing this while the Paris attacks happens a couple of days ago, I feel differently now! A little more patriotic, more appreciation of life and also understanding how time is precious. Not just speaking about the love of my life of gorgeous European cities but also my beloved homeland Singapore. I shall not digress anymore since the focus should be introducing this unique charming city to you guys, MADRID!


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