2015 Hong Kong Trip:Singapore Airlines 861 A380 HKG – SIN Business Class

Finally the last series in this episode, sorry for taking such a long time to complete even such a sort trip. I have been pretty busy recently, perhaps you aren’t aware, I am serving my nation for the next two years but I would never give up on Seeing The World In Steps, both this blog and also seeing the world, it is my dream and also passion to see this Blue Earth, hopping for more trips to come. This review will be special since the flight is special in the first place, I have actually been looking forward to sharing this flight with you guys since it is such a fun one! If you have remember the couple previous series you will have know the built up to this flight of mine. To say to meet a friend outside incidental is tough, what would you say about knowing a friend overseas? And I would say mine was even more special, fate I would say really! To be able to meet someone so friendly and comfortable to talk with and naturally strike up a conversation! That would be something rare I would say in this world! Besides enjoying this awesome A380 Business class flight before I return to work the next day, it’s totally awesome to meet Josie, the new friend that I made onboard the short 4 hours flight!


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2015 Europe Trip: Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid vs Granada

This is probably one of the most unique review that you all will find on Seeing The World In Steps, I will not be comparing the experience, but rather describe and share with you guys my delight and experience in the match. Maybe the most of you might not have known, I am a super fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and also Real Madrid F C, although I might not have the chance to watch the El Clasico, but I am simply just delightful to be able to catch my first ever Real Madrid match at the Santiago Bernabeu. They are my favourite team in Spain and in the world. It was a dream come true to me, to be able to watch billions of dollars of talent on the pitch was simply unreal to me, actually I couldn’t even believe myself even when I am sitting in the stadium and with Cristiano Ronaldo right in front of my naked eyes. I will be sharing the atmosphere the delight the experience with you guys. I will also be sharing the planning process of getting to this match and how the Europe trip of mine were linked to it. It might get a little lengthy, but for the football fans and also travel counterparts, I believe that you guys would be in for a treat. Although having been to Madrid and visited Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Tour before, this match experience was unlike anything else, surely the pinnacle of any soccer match. I mean, with CR7 on the pitch, there is nothing else in the football world that you can ask for. For a preview, up till today I am still so happy and exhilarated that Cristiano Ronaldo made a record with me in attendance, it is also the first time in his career that he scored 5 goals, a bonus for me and definitely worth the amount that I spend on the ticket. Just check out the view from my section in the Stadium, it is impeccable!
 IMG_2806 (2)

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2015 Europe Trip: El Tigre Bar

El Tigre Bar, definitely the must visit tapas bar in Madrid, being the only one true tapas bar left. Given a random google search or on any travel guide, El Tigre may not be apparent. But for the true travellers and Seeing The World In Steps, this travel blog of mine will definitely recommend you to visit this hidden bar, located in one of the inner streets just round the corner from Calle Gran Via, right in the heart of Spain and also Madrid!


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2015 Europe Trip: Senator Gran Via 70 Spa Hotel

The moment I arrived, the first impression of mine, was the feelings and vibes that came from the name of the hotel, it really seems that the name matches the building and the hotel rooms itself. First of all, the hotel is really located on Gran Via, the iconic street in Madrid that is said to never sleep and perhaps never quiet too. The bustling nightlife and the lifestyle of the Spanish proves to be a point. The location of the hotel was perfect, which is one of the main point why I love this hotel so much, within walking distance of at least 3 metro station and the centre of Madrid, SOL. From this spot, you are able to access any place in Madrid and within walking distance of most shopping and cuisine highlights. Located between Callao and Plaza de Espana Metro Station. Callao is one of the central station, connecting most metro lines, it itself is a shopping heaven and near to SOL, the only place where shops are open on Sunday. Plaza de Espana station is on Line 8, providing easy access to the Airport and also a direct line to Santiago Bernabeu, the other highlight of my stay here, which I will share with you another day. Spain and Madrid is just that different, bright and sunny, a drastic change from the gloomy and depressing London!

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2015 Europe Trip: Iberia Airline 3169 A320 LHR – MAD Economy Class

Time has come to an end for my stay in this fairytale English folks story and it is time for me to be leaving the UK, there have been regrets surely there will be, especially when I am a person who really loves to travel and see the world! I don’t really think that I will get bored and sick of a place unless I have really seen each and every square inch of it or staying there for a couple years at least. London is just such a luring destination for me! May it be the people, the language or the countless sights that I definitely miss out this stay that I have in London. Buckingham Palace and Borough Market are only the tip of the icebergs that awaits me! Then there is the shopping, I have not even enjoyed the shopping in classic British Shops. I am definitely sad to leave this amazing city and it definitely still ranks among the top of my bucket list to return! Despite all this, I am glad to be able to go to another destination that I have been think about since I have been here, MADRID, land of the Spanish and the heart of it. Tapas and the lifestyle are just some of the greatest attractions they have on me. I do not find it as touristy as Paris or Venice, allowing for a more relax lifestyle, especially when you are following the Spanish lifestyle time. Besides that, I am going to watch a match at Real Madrid, the perfect dream of mine.

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