2015 Hong Kong Trip: Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok SilverKris Lounge

Upon hearing news that Singapore Airlines had recently renovated their lounge in Hong Kong, it gave me extra perks for my flight back home. To think of it now, sometimes fate is extremely mysterious, because of a decision I made it results in various happenings. It may be good or it may bad. But the decision to upgrade myself to Business for my flight back is definitely one decision that I will never regret myself and the 21,250 miles that I used was definitely worth it. Given the experience and a new friend that I made on board the flight, Josie. This flight was still pretty fresh in my mind. Cheers for many more flight that I could fly with her on board, it’s a even greater way to fly!


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2015 Europe Trip: Eating, Travelling in London and Wagamama in Heathrow

One of the first thing that definitely comes to my mind would be WHY ARE LONDON TRANSPORTATION SO EXPENSIVE!!! Really, you would simply feels the hole in your pocket getting larger and larger each and every time you tap the oyster card. Especially for Singaporeans, since the pound is double the price of the Singapore dollar. For those who are unsure, the oyster card system is a combined transportation ticketing system for use in London, with an oyster card you can travel on ferries, bus, DLR, OverGround and the well known Tube. It can be loaded with credits at many places, including newsstands and convenience stores. Although not as comprehensive as the Hong Kong octopus card, it is kind of alike to the ezlink system we have in Singapore, perhaps only double the price. My heart really hurts man, throughout my 5 days stay in London, I spend close to 40 Singapore dollars on the tube alone! Oh god, that is like a Burger & Lobster meal man! Every ride on the tube within the same zone is around 2.30 Pounds, even one station would be the same price, with a daily limit of 6 pounds. Being a tourists the min rides that you will usually take is about 2 per day, so that is already close to 10 SGD. I would say to budget this for your stay in London. One advantages of the oyster card that I really like that it is practically free, just buy a card and load it up, you can refund all the credits inside at any tube station. I mean like it is really a official matter, they will refund all of it, down to the cents and you have to sign on the receipt. This is better than the Singapore ezlink, where you have to pay 5 dollars for the card.

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2015 Hong Kong Trip: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place where I have been to a couple times already, such is the norm of Singaporeans. Only a short plane ride away and with the establishment many budget airlines, flights are numerous and affordable. Simple saying, a reasonable guess, there are a least 20 direct flights from Singapore to Hong Kong. Besides my all-time favourite, Singapore Airlines, you also have Cathay Pacific! Then just to name a few, Scoot and Jet Star provides no fills flights to the fragrant port!

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2015 Europe Trip: London

Having mixed feelings while writing these post since I will be enlisting in the Army tomorrow and it might be quite some time before I will post another review, but I will definitely try my best and do stay tuned guys! I hope that you all will be patient and continue checking for updates! It has been and it will always be a joy to travel my travels here! Now back to the point, London! London is just such a magical place to me, I just felt do blessed and excited to finally step foot in London or in the United Kingdom of Britain. Being a Singaporean, this has an deeper impact to me. For those who didn’t know, the thriving Singapore that we seen now have it’s deepest roots embedded with the rise and fall of the British empire. Much of our success now have been kick started by the brits, being a crown colony in the past, the brits have helped us greatly, bringing in their western culture and influences, much of these have led us to be a successful and thriving port city. From the past, I have always learned about Singapore history in schools, from Sir Stanford Raffles to the world wars, hell yeah, even a large part of our central business district is called raffles place! To be able to finally see the lands of Britain was definitely a dream come true to me.