Hello everyone, I just realised that I had written about 20 blog post and hit pass the 1000 views mark. i am really glad to see the progress of Seeing The World In Steps, I didn’t actually expect such view rates at all. Actually it is just something which is super new to me that I am keen to try. Perhaps when I am old and legs are weak i will fall back here and start reading about my past adventures! Hoping so that by then I have already complete my arduous journey of Seeing the World In Steps and have already complete chronicling my adventures here.

Okay, back to the point of this adventures. I am actually so interested in what other people always do when they visit a country. Taking a jump shot at the city most famous icon? Keeping the boarding pass or the hotel key card? What do you guys actually do to remember yourself of ever visiting that unique place? I have read that one of the avid travellers in the world, Marcos, recommend that you should buy a bottle of cologne or listen to a particular music. Thus, whenever you smell the same scent or hear the same piece of music you will remember your adventures. Actually I find this quite nice and planning of doing so the next time I travel.

Of course buying the usual stuff and taking the iconic pictures, one of the thing that I will always do when I visit a brand new city would be buying a magnet, this hobby of mine actually didn’t start long ago so i still do not have a complete set. If my memory served right, I am probably missing pieces from Rome, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Lake Como, Lucern, Mt Titlis, Geneva! Another reason to visit these places again right? Besides aiming to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I am trying to fill up my fridge man!

IMG_4619[1]  Do share with me what you guys always do?

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