2015 Europe Trip: Prague Charles Bridge, Vltava River & Castle Side

As mentioned previously, Prague is an amazing place to be in. Continuing on from my previous post. I was on my way across the Charles Bridge over to the Castle Side. Castle Side are part of district 2 which is just on the other side of the river. There are many ways to reach here including by bus or tram, but I would say that walking would be the best. Such a place like Prague, requires you to spent some quality time with it, talking in all the sights as you walk on the streets. Trust me, it is definitely going to be worth it unless the weather is amazingly hot. Although I have to say reaching the castle is a little tough from foot. I didn’t visit the castle this time around due to poor time management L the castle will be visible and towering among you when you all walking towards its direction on Charles Bridge. I do say that it is pretty far, since I had wander around the streets on the castle side but was still nowhere near it.

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2015 Europe Trip: Prague

Prague was definitely a dream come true for me, having heard about it ages ago and finally being able to set foot on it seems virtual. Seemingly I will associate Europe normally into East and the West, hatefully to bring up the Berlin Wall and the cold war, this is actually the simplest way to separate them and also the most common differences you could see while travelling in Europe. Western Europe are more developed and well maintained, largely due to their early dominance in development and trade while the East is always playing catch up, but in the recent years, some of the countries development are rapid, quickly getting them on par with the West. Although Czech Republic are geographically in the central part of Europe, they used to be on the east side of the wall. Prague being the capital city of Czech Republic is the most iconic representation of the country. Despite it being apparent that they are not as rich, clean and developed as the West, the centre of Prague are largely well maintained and simply just gorgeous. However, on the bright side, everything in Prague are significantly cheaper than other tourists cities, food and drinks. I could not think of another adjective to describe it, back to basics, it is just beautiful. Oh, this is one of the romantic city in the world, it could definitely compete with Paris for the title. It just has that unexplainable charm that you would not understand unless you have been there. I would love to spend some quality time here in the future with my love one. Hopefully these pictures lets you feel the charm.

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2015 HongKong Trip: Singapore Airlines 856 A380 SIN – HKG Business Class

Perhaps it may be my third time flying it but the excitement definitely doesn’t die down, I am just such a loyal fan to Singapore Airlines, sorry guys, I am just that fan boy. I will dare say that i do know Singapore Airlines very well in the offering and products including their company information. To say,  I actually know quite a few people, directly or indirectly that are working for Singapore Airlines, from flying crews to their office staff. Congrats SIA, you have definitely won me over! I am also super glad to say that I am living in an air hub of such a great airline, you are and will be my number one choice forever, A Great Way To Fly! I actually knew from Josie that actually all the “n” in Singapore Airlines official logo or name are in small caps, heard that it was some fung shui reason. IMG_4096

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2015 Europe Trip: Grandior Hotel Praha

One, two, three, four, five and probably even six or seven. European, American or Asian Standards? That’s the key here. First of all, number of stars. As easy as ABC, and also by the amount of money you are paying for the room, generally the higher the number of stars the better hospitality you receive and also the “better” the pay. Normally, regardless of which type of standards you are following, seven stars hotels are self declared. No association has ever rank any hotel in this category before. Although I have to say that these hotels are really seven stars, but hopefully it doesn’t cost a seven figure sum to stay in. Hey I could probably afford it in Zimbabwe dollars ! There are only 3 hotels in the world that are described as 7 stars hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi and the Town House Galleria in Milan. It certain takes some powerful wallets to stay here. I had once read about Ben from One Mile at a Time having high tea at the Burj and the view was seriously amazing. Normally I would say the Asian standards and Middle East have a higher standards, expect awesome buffet breakfast large nice hotels in 4-5 Star while I would say the European Standards are low. In Europe, the stars represent what services or items the hotel provides from toilet cleaning and colour TV for 1 star to a buffet breakfast for 2 star, if you provide luggage service or internet access you get another star. Even how long the reception is open determine the ranking of the hotel. Although I have to say the Swiss are famous for its hotelier and hospitality, the service industry are hotcakes over there. Although, my stay at Grandior was pretty great too!

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Travel Souvenirs ?

Hello everyone, I just realised that I had written about 20 blog post and hit pass the 1000 views mark. i am really glad to see the progress of Seeing The World In Steps, I didn’t actually expect such view rates at all. Actually it is just something which is super new to me that I am keen to try. Perhaps when I am old and legs are weak i will fall back here and start reading about my past adventures! Hoping so that by then I have already complete my arduous journey of Seeing the World In Steps and have already complete chronicling my adventures here.

Okay, back to the point of this adventures. I am actually so interested in what other people always do when they visit a country. Taking a jump shot at the city most famous icon? Keeping the boarding pass or the hotel key card? What do you guys actually do to remember yourself of ever visiting that unique place? I have read that one of the avid travellers in the world, Marcos, recommend that you should buy a bottle of cologne or listen to a particular music. Thus, whenever you smell the same scent or hear the same piece of music you will remember your adventures. Actually I find this quite nice and planning of doing so the next time I travel.

Of course buying the usual stuff and taking the iconic pictures, one of the thing that I will always do when I visit a brand new city would be buying a magnet, this hobby of mine actually didn’t start long ago so i still do not have a complete set. If my memory served right, I am probably missing pieces from Rome, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Lake Como, Lucern, Mt Titlis, Geneva! Another reason to visit these places again right? Besides aiming to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I am trying to fill up my fridge man!

IMG_4619[1]  Do share with me what you guys always do?

2015 Europe Trip: Eating in Munich, Bratwurstherzl, Spatenhaus an der Oper and Weisses Brauhaus

Pork, Pork and Pork! Potato, Potato and Potato! P&P seems to be the abbreviation for food in Germany or perhaps in Munich. Oh yea and Sausages before I left this out. Practically, speaking they are quite an expert at making things with potato, there are salad, potato balls……etc. Some of you guys may have heard of Germany being famous for their suckling pig, pork knuckles and also the sausages. Frankly speaking, I do quite like their sausages, but actually our Cantonese roast pork is much much better than their crisp pork knuckles and suckling pig. Another food item that you may see frequently are pretzels. I don’t really have a liking for it as I find it awfully salty with all those huge rock salts, but they are actually pretty good with beers and dipping into the gravy that usually comes along.

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2015 Europe Trip: DB Bahn IC Bus MUC – PRG

My first stop was Munich, after 3 nights in Munich it’s time to move to Prague, the city that I have heard for so long but only visiting it now. Getting to Prague was actually quite a brain killer, there are no direct flight neither are there high speed train. The only option are taking a normal train or the IC Bus. The normal train takes a little more than 5 hours to reach Prague main train station. I have actually decided to go ahead to book the train, but after reading some reviews I found out about the Bus and it seems like the way to go. Perhaps being one of the unique post of mine where I am reviewing a Bus rather than the Plane. Pretty great way to get around too ! IMG_1999

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