For the last 2 days it was actually nothing much for me to review about. Frankly speaking, Saigon city centre is not a large place to tour around and the sights aren’t plenty either, to say, it is almost similar to Bangkok actually. Some of the stuff we did in the last few days were just probably eating and sleeping. Some of the significant stuff that I did was actually going to the Ben Thanh Market at night, we also walked pass some of the backpackers area and the atmosphere was really good.
IMG_1581 IMG_1582

Ben Thanh Market was actually even better to visit at night, given the more cooling environment you get, without the sun and the crowd. At night, the crowds actually move out their stall to some of the roads and line them on both sides, selling everything from clothes, bags to food items. If you do not mind the hygiene, it’s a good place to get some cheap and delicious food.
Another place of the highlight was actually us going to this rooftop bar located between our hotel and the Bitexco financial tower. Oh yea, we somehow got a view of the construction, that must be pretty unique. The environment was actually very good, in where you get a view of the city line and the sky, with views of the Bitexco financial tower lingering in the backdrop. The pictures sure look quite good here. While prices aren’t cheap according to Vietnam standards I got a gorgeous Lychee Martini to accompany me, seeing the sunset till dark, it was delicious and definitely paired well with the atmosphere. It was a nice last evening before I get back to Singapore.
DSC04802IMG_1613IMG_1625IMG_1658 IMG_1614  IMG_1617 IMG_1627 IMG_1647
Oh yea, we might have KFC for dinner again, yes again, I probably ate KFC for 3 times while in Saigon where I think it was close to a year since my last visit in Singapore. At least the KFC there was cheap and good, I do always find KFC Chicken to be better overseas than in Singapore. On the last day we had a nice satisfying brunch at Paris Baguette cafe near our hotel before going for some last minute souvenirs shopping. Saying about the brunch, it is so good and great, we had full plate, which consists of eggs, bacons, toast….. and a cup of coffee included and it cost probably like 5 SGD only, time for the Singapore Brunch to do some reflection.
Before I left for the airport, I had gotten some fish sauce to bring back, hearing that Vietnam fish sauce are very good. But I have no luck to try in because it was confiscated by the customs L, with them saying that it stinks. Although I did say that the bottle is less than 100ml and it is sealed, oh my fish sauce. But there is really no point in arguing further, after all this is not my country and it won’t be wise to get into any trouble over something that is worth less than a couple bucks. To finish off, this is a superb trip where I had a good time relaxing, forgetting about all the stress and troubles. Hoping for more to come with this bunch of great friends. Stay tuned for my next adventures to come.
Did you visit Ho Chi Minh City before? Share your trip with me?

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