Perhaps, this is a question where everyone has his or her opinion. I believe that some go for the shopping, some go for the scenery and travelling to see sights that they never see before. There are also a small bunch of people that travel to enjoy hospitality products, such as hotels and premium cabins on flight and trains. I personally won’t find that travelling on economy is a fun thing to do, really. For me it is actually the most tiring and negative part of the whole trip. Imagine sitting in the seat for hours ! Good luck, when you get the middle seats. If you decide to go Europe, the best region on earth for me, it is easily a 12 hours and above flight. With that said, if you are the handful of people that travels on, let’s just say business class, it will be the dream of your life for the next 12 hours. Even when I am awake, I can dream of flying in Singapore Airlines Suites or the Etihad First Apartment, a pity that my wallet can keep up with the pace of these products, oh, for trains I think there is no other better example than the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, even a couple days won’t be enough in that cabin.
For me, my dream is to visit the world before I die, or actually seeing these amazing places. I do find it amazing, really, after all I live in a small but amazing country call Singapore, everything is good in Singapore, the safety the infrastructure, it is a global financial hub but there is something we don’t have, which is the charisma of other countries with their gorgeous buildings, natural “heaven made” wonders and also their years of history. Singapore? We are celebrating SG50 this year. This to me is a life time goal that I hope to complete, there are more than 196 countries in this world, number of cities? I couldn’t be bothered to find out. But I am pretty sure that I have not even visited 10% of the countries. Minus out North Korea, Iraq and a couple more countries there are still a ton left for me to see in steps. Another ideology of mine is to visit the UNESCO world heritage sites there are, with more than a thousand in the world. I have really just visited just these few, given that there are close to a 1007 sites in the world. Italy has the most with 50 follow up by China then Spain.
DSC05351 DSC06159 DSC05634
Although I may have said that economy flights are super discouraging, I would definitely still fly them. I would fly at any chance I get, come on Singapore Airlines Economy flights are of a superb quality too. Some people always say, save money, travelling is expensive. But I believe that it is actually worth it from any angle. Why wait until a day that you want to travel but you found that your legs aren’t up to par? Why wait till you can’t do so, time is a non-renewable resources and you will never know when you will run out of it. Some of the places that I really love are Madrid, Prague, Switzerland and crap I think I love the whole of Europe really. But I do hope to visit South America, US and South Africa real soon. What are your favourites countries ? I am dying to know.
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