I have first heard of this place where reading up prior to the trip to Saigon. After reading the reviews and seeing the menu online from the website, it seems like a great place to start one of our day while in Saigon. Au Parc cafe is a gem located in the midst of the chaotic bustling city, and at the least of your expectation. It was definitely crowded when we arrived in the late morning. Setting up shop in a shop house, Au Parc take up all levels, you can find regular cafe style sitting on the first floor to relaxing couches and sofas on the upper floors. If you prefer to put on your shades and bask in the warm sun feeding your tummy while the world goes by, alfresco seating are also available outdoors.
IMG_1584 IMG_1585 IMG_1586

Although I will believe the food served to be influenced by the French, just like the name goes, Au Parc actually serve a wide variety of food, from Full English Breakfast to Turkish Kebabs, of course you could not go without the local Vietnamese cuisine. Moreover, Au Parc actually make some of their products in house, says about freshness. They home made their own Bread, Pesto, Tapenade, Dressings, Sauces, Yogurts, Chips, Ice Cream and even sun dried their tomatoes. I did get to try some of the breads and sauces and it was really good, you could taste the sweetness from the bread really. Maybe my expectation was a little low, but of course if you are in Paris, even the breads from the supermarket taste better than anywhere else ! Some of the products could also be bought from their cafe, such as biscuits, breads……etc.
Given the heat, we choose to sit inside of course, and it was great really. I could feel that I am in a place that is protected, like away from the bustling noise, feeling relieve and relaxing. How I could take my meal slowly, savouring it without any concern of time and cost. Although I will say that this is partially helped by my mood and feeling also. We got probably the largest and most grand table on the ground floor. The place was lean I will say, similar looking as all the Vietnamese buildings, although the mirrors and bar definitely helped cover some of those constraints up. There was also a blackboard with some daily specials recommendation and also the Wifi. Speaking about Wifi, you will never feel that it is such a precious thing until you are overseas, really. Most of us ordered the English Breakfast while my friend had a Blue Honey Tartines. I also got a Hot Lime Juice with Honey to accompany the meal which was served shortly after ordering together with the bread basket. Ah, we might also have ordered some Turkish Chicken Kebabs to share. As the sayings goes, a good meal in the morning makes you day more satisfying.
IMG_1587The lime juice was definitely refreshing and also warms your tummy up, definitely super comfy in the morning, it also helps to take some of the alcohol I might have last night. The sourness and the sweetness from the honey definitely blends well, also help reducing the guilt of having such a scrumptious breakfast. The bread was served along with accompanying honey, nutella and various jams, although the breads are already delicious on its own.
First of all, the Full English Breakfast, this cost 190,000 VND which comes with the bread basket. You could also choose the eggs to ordered. I ordered poached eggs, with came along accompanied with rosemary potatoes, sausages, bacon and also toast, you could never have poached eggs without toasts to catch all the lava flowing yolks. It was definitely a heavy one. Super worth it when it cost around 13 SGD. And you do get the tomatoes too.
While my friend had the Blue Honey Tartines, it is actually an open faced sandwiched with brioche, top with melting blue cheese and also bacons. There could never be a wrong pairing when there is cheese and bacon. I am pretty sure the cows and pigs are good friends. It was served with a serving of salads too. See, we eat vegetables too. This cost 155,000 VND, about 9 SGD. IMG_1592
Oh and finally the Kebabs, I also didn’t know why we actually ordered so much also, seems like humans are greedy in nature and with a couple millions in our pocket, there is practically nothing to stop us. The portion was huge, sorry that I couldn’t think of another word, but huge is good enough. The skewers came and together with it was a large portion of fries, salad and also flat bread. Oh God ! To speak frankly the kebabs was pretty normal but still delicious, the fries and salad were good though. Yes, I had to force some of the vegs in after so many meat and alcohol.IMG_1591
In conclusion, the food is great and the place is even greater. If only all my mornings are like this, it is a place that I could spend a couple hours without batting my eye. Having breakfast, the reading a book over a cup of coffee. Life goals man, If only at the same time the money doesn’t run out. I will really recommend you all to visit this cafe, comfortable, clean, relaxing, a Sunday morning will be perfect for this.

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