After perhaps, 2 days of chiong type touring in this immerse heat, today was obviously a lazy morning, probably aided by the cheap beer I had while in this countries. Thus the first place we attack was Au Parc Cafe, a gorgeous cafe situated among the chaotic city. The surrounding was great as the Independence Place and a garden was just nearby, after 2 days of orientation we found the place in no time, thank god for our tummies. To share more, I will review the cafe in a separate post soon. In short the brunch was a little too satisfying, since I had the Full English Breakfast where the portion was huge, it also came with a bread basket that comes along with nutella, honey and their homemade spreads. It was satisfying and definitely get the day to go along.
IMG_1588 IMG_1590

Next we went to get a glimpse at the Saigon Opera House, the building was nice and at the front seems to be a large open ground that most of the traffic seems to stay clear of the way, this made the place great for taking pictures. The building was great, although the prices for the opera definitely didn’t come cheap too, we decide to skip it but tried to take a look inside. However we were told that we could only see it when the theatre is open during the evening. There was this unique thing parked near the entrance of the building, from far it seems to be a bicycle with lots of basket, after some thinking and serious looking it was actually some specially designed basket nets use for catching fishes. It was special and a nice creation.
DSC04746DSC04749 DSC04747  DSC04751
We actually returned to the opera house just as the sun was about to set and with some fluent English we had, we managed to go in and take a look, while nothing special, the place was nice and relaxing, just like a place for opera and shows. It also shows that it was a place for perhaps the more affluent people in Vietnam, something to think about when there are so many people living in slums in HCMC. Saying of which there is a nice polished Rolls Royce car parked just at the entrance of the opera house.
On our way to the financial tower we saw something special, there was this shiny and eye catching hats sold by vendors on the street. At first I just told that they design it to be some brands hat like coke or tiger brand, but perhaps with some itchy hands, they were actually made out of real aluminium cans. Speaking of recycling. DSC04778
The walk to the tower was actually quite long, and the weather definitely didn’t helped it. On our way there we went passed the Saigon river, it was kind of unbelievable as the place was really dirty and the river was polluted and really stinks. The financial tower was really grand, perhaps the only grandest think in the whole of Ho Chi Minh City, but really nothing much except for the nice high building.
DSC04802 IMG_1599
Oh, but there was at least one good item from today take, probably the only gem out of the place, it turns out to be a nice background for photo taking. This definitely makes me think of some of my good friends who might spent a close to an hour just on taking pictures.
Today we decided to make our way back to the hotel from some relaxation and while on the way back we might have some fun stuff to do. First, we took a short cut to get back and to do this and to my amaze we actually walk right pass a construction site, like really a large scale construction site. Says about that, probably some workplace thinking to do for Vietnam. And, holy, I am dead serious, not only did the construction area was left totally unblock but many people just walked across it. This was definitely some life time experience and I do not see myself doing so again soon.
IMG_1563 IMG_1564
Finally we end of this gorgeous and relaxing day with some Vietnamese Drip Coffee, small in size but strong in the power.

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