Dear Readers, as promised, I am going to start writing on my recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City or more commonly known as Saigon. This trip was actually quite a dream come true for me, perhaps I mean not in the destination but the company. As the tittle suggest, i went with some of my Secondary School class mates on this trip, we have been talking about going on a trip for quite some time and finally it became a reality. It was fun, meeting up with this bunch of good friends and live together for a couple days. Besides, I have never ever been in Vietnam also, so it will be good to immerse in the culture, try out the food and engage with the locals. This trip was actually quite unplanned and relaxing was the main focus here. That means sleeping, eating and maybe some messaging……

It was really enjoyable with this bunch of people, all those walking, eating and drinking authentic Vietnamese coffee. South-East Asia for now and we promised ourself for Europe and Venice in 2 years time, after we complete our National Service. Time to save some money folks.


First of all, let me share with you some of the planning part of this trip, as mentioned this trip was kind of unplanned and last minute. We decided to take a trip together and I went on to do some research to look at some potential destination and promotions going on. After informing our parents about the trip, tickets were booked and off we go. In the end, Vietnam seems quite affordable and we will be like practically Millionaires there 🙂 Hanoi and HCMC seems like the place and HCMC prices are cheaper so …… yea and off we go to HCMC on a Jetstar flight costing us around 300SGD for the flight and the hotel too. We decided to stay at Paragon Saigon Hotel, a four star hotel within walking distance to most and actually all the places we visited and let me tell you the hotel was nice, location was good and there was this message shop just opposite the street and that easily could been the trip best thing ever which I will share in one part of this series. Being young guys, legs seems like the best thing ever for the trip, burning off calories from eating all day and also save us the money, actually we walk to all the places except commuting to and from the Airport. Personally for 6 days and 5 nights spending less than 500 bucks was quite worth it to me, given the drinking, eating and shopping. Hey, I might have spend a MILLION on a pair of shoes.

Although I would love to go to Hanoi on my next steps in Vietnam and visit the Ha Long Bay, HCMC is actually pretty awesome for a weekend getaway from Singapore and it will be a good change of scenery for Singaporeans who keep going to popular destination like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. This is how my routing looks like, only a flight time of about 2 hours, you will reach in a blink of an eye.

After planning like crazy for my Europe trip (proposal and maps of 80 pages) I decided to go really “free & easy” for this trip, only reading briefly on the place and getting my concierge to do me a proposal of some of the sights and recommended restaurants in the area. Usually I will do a special post on the flights but for this case I will just talk about it briefly here, it is a budget airline and I practically just slept throughout the 2 hours, here are some pictures. Really a normal flight, and the seat pitch were sufficient for such a short flight.


Oh look at that and stay tuned for the following parts, especially tips on how to cross the streets in HCMC !DSC04715

Would you dare to drive here? Let me know and share your experience navigating the traffic there.

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